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Style Inspiration for the Perfect Day at the Beach ...

By Teresa

In the summer, beach style is just as important as your everyday style. In fact, if you're really lucky, beach style is your everyday style! If you're looking to spice things up and get extra stylish on the beach this year, this list is sure to provide you with all of the style inspiration that you need!

1 Beach Look

clothing,swimwear,fashion,supermodel,model, Source: PilyQ 2014 Caribbean Sea Zen
This bathing suit and hat combination is so perfect for a day at the beach!

2 Backless Dress

dress,pink,clothing,gown,dance dress, Source: 50 Stylish New Looks For
This beautiful white maxi dress is made even prettier by the simple backless feature.

3 Classic Wrap Dress

clothing,pattern,spring,fashion,hairstyle, Source: Shapes Travel Cream Wrap Dress
I love this classic wrap dress. It reminds me of something you'd see decades ago!

4 Crochet Crop Top

clothing,pattern,abdomen,photo shoot,design, Source: Kimono Style Jackets | Glam
This crochet crop is gorgeous, and the kimono and shorts add such a cute, boho touch!

5 Oversize Sweater and Shorts

hair,clothing,human positions,blond,woman, Source: Sunset Lights
It's so easy to throw a big sweater over an outfit as the sun goes down and the weather gets a little cooler, and it's so cute!

6 Palm Trees and Lace

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,hairstyle,leg, Source: BEACH SAND WHITE LACE SHORTS
I love this palm tee crop top, and aren't the lace shorts just beautiful?

7 Beautiful Playsuit

hair,clothing,woman,dress,lady, Source: Tangerine Dream – Sisters The
This yellow playsuit has the most beautiful design!

8 Glamorous Coverup

wedding dress,clothing,dress,gown,bridal clothing, Source: BEACH COVERUP (Stephanie Sterjovski )
This long coverup adds so much elegance to a simple bathing suit!

9 Maternity Crop Top

clothing,person,woman,lady,beauty, Source: The 11 Most Stylish Baby
What's a better time to wear a maternity crop top than when you're on the beach?

10 Patterned Shorts and a Loose Tank Top

clothing,swimsuit bottom,pattern,polka dot,design, Source: Pom Pom Shorts - Navy
These patterned shorts make the perfect coverup, especially when paired with a simple tank top.

11 DIY T-Shirt

clothing,blue,season,hairstyle,spring, Source: Never underestimate how inspiring some
Cut an old t-shirt for a cute beach look!

12 T-Shirt and Shorts

hair,clothing,hairstyle,sleeve,brown hair, Source: Blue Cut Out Ripped Denim
This simple outfit is made into the perfect beach outfit with this wavy hair!

13 Backless White Dress

hair,clothing,beauty,hairstyle,supermodel, Source: VELVET SUNGLASSES
I love the silhouette of this backless dress!

14 Black and White Playsuit

clothing,dress,swimwear,lingerie,undergarment, Source: Depot Playsuit
Aren't the thin stripes on this playsuit so chic?

16 Classic Beach Look

hair,clothing,footwear,girl,fashion, Source: blue and white beach wear
If you want to keep it classic, wear a simple striped shirt and white shorts.

17 Retro Swimwear

clothing,person,girl,swimwear,beauty, Source: VINTAGE SWIMWEAR AND COUTURE FITNESS
This retro bathing suit is so cute but also the perfect modest swimwear.

18 Floral Kimono

hair,clothing,dress,girl,lady, Source: Beach Style 2014
I love this psychedelic kimono for a day at the beach!

19 Billowy Top

clothing,hairstyle,spring,fashion,footwear, Source: Holiday Fashion Hot List
Don't you just love this billowy top and these sleek white shorts? It's such a chic beach look.

20 Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

clothing,blue,beauty,dress,gown, Source: Top Fashion Ideas for The
When in doubt, wear a crop top and maxi skirt!

21 Cute Coverup

hair,clothing,blond,dress,lady, Source: The LWBD: The Little White
This coverup could also double as a pretty dress!

22 Boho Blush

Source: L*Space By Monica Wise
Everything about this is perfect, from the pale pink color to the sheer coverup.

23 White with Red Touches

clothing,woman,lady,beauty,season, Source: Holiday Fashion Hot List
Don't you think the long white skirt is just so elegant? And the red accents add such a classic touch.

24 Add Some Neon

color,clothing,blue,yellow,girl, Source: 20 Style Tips On How
There's no better place for bright neon than the beach!

25 Detailed Print

clothing,dress,art,fashion,costume, Source: Spring Wardrobe Update Lies Ahead
Isn't this print just absolutely stunning?

Where are you getting your beach style inspiration from? Do you know what you're wearing on the beach this year? Let me know in the comments!

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