7 Styles of Jeans to Put in Your Closet This Fall ...


7 Styles of Jeans to Put in Your Closet This Fall ...
7 Styles of Jeans to Put in Your Closet This Fall ...

Different styles of jeans are great to have in your closet for fall for a few reasons. For starters, depending on what shoe you want to wear, you may need a different length, or width. Also, depending on your mood, you may want to switch up the color and enhance your outfit a bit. Casual jeans are for lazy days and more stylish trends are for making a statement. This fall, stock your wardrobe with some of these popular styles of jeans. I’m sure you won’t only feel cute in them, but look amazing too!

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Red Jeans

Red Jeans Last year one of the most popular styles of jeans to wear was colored jeans, and this year, the trend is really taking off more now than ever. Red jeans are one of the top styles of jeans to be sure you put in your closet this year. The color not only reminds me of the fall season, but I adore how it pairs well with brown or black, depending on my mood. Popular pairings include wearing red jeans with a cute denim jacket, hot little blazer, leopard print accessories, or just a plain white tee and some boots.


Grey Jeans

Grey Jeans Along with red jeans, grey jeans are another style of jeans to be sure you own this year. Grey jeans are showing up in all tones from slate, to sliver, to charcoal grey. These jeans pair great with black and white, which are my favorite pairings, but they also look great with typical fall colors such as mustard yellow, or even orange! Who said grey had to be boring? Sometimes the most simple things can be the most stylish!


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Boyfriend jeans have been popular for a couple years now, and though I don’t own a pair, they’re extremely popular with celebrities and people all over the country. I have to admit that they do look pretty cozy! Pair them with a casual long- sleeved tee, a button- up cotton shirt, or one of the most popular pairings being seen this year, which is plaid prints.


Trouser Jeans

Trouser Jeans Trouser jeans, which are also known as bootleg jeans, have been a staple for years and they aren’t going anywhere soon. Trouser, or bootleg jeans, are a classic style to keep in your closet whether you’re wearing heels, sneakers, flats or boots. These are personally my favorite kind and great for enhancing your female curves!


Olive Green Jeans

Olive Green Jeans Olive green jeans are another popular color this year in the jean department. Olive green is a great fall color and these jeans help you wear it in its best light! Olive green jeans look great with brown, black or beige, and one of my favorite ways to wear olive jeans is with some high knee boots and a big beige sweater for a cozy feel, which is what fall is all about!


The Skinny Jean

The Skinny Jean The skinny jean created a revolution in the world of jeans and I personally love them and hate them at the same time. They look so great, but aren’t the most comfortable, in my opinion! Either way, they’re popular for another year to come this fall, so be sure to keep a pair in your wardrobe in case you find yourself in the mood to wear these fabulously stylish jeans. Skinny jeans go with just about any top and I love wearing them with sweaters and boots the most, along with a cute pair of heel and a blousey top.


Peach Jeans

Peach Jeans Peach in the fall? Yes, you heard me right girls! Peach is another hot color being worn this year for the fall season. Peach is a lovely feminine color that enhances most any skin tone, and looks great with basic colors like white, tan and brown. Give your wardrobe a rosy glow and pick up a pair to wear this season. I think these would be adorable with a matching scarf, what about you?

Jeans are hands down my favorite wardrobe item, no matter what the season, but in fall, they’re absolutely essential! Do you have any of these styles of jeans in your wardrobe right now?

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None of these jeans are cute

Peach jeans? It doesnt look anything like a jean �

Wow awesome

Most of these are colours of skinny jeans not different styles. Cute still but perhaps a name change!

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