7 Styles of Jeans to Put in Your Closet This Fall ...

Different styles of jeans are great to have in your closet for fall for a few reasons. For starters, depending on what shoe you want to wear, you may need a different length, or width. Also, depending on your mood, you may want to switch up the color and enhance your outfit a bit. Casual jeans are for lazy days and more stylish trends are for making a statement. This fall, stock your wardrobe with some of these popular styles of jeans. I’m sure you won’t only feel cute in them, but look amazing too!

1. Red Jeans

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Last year one of the most popular styles of jeans to wear was colored jeans, and this year, the trend is really taking off more now than ever. Red jeans are one of the top styles of jeans to be sure you put in your closet this year. The color not only reminds me of the fall season, but I adore how it pairs well with brown or black, depending on my mood. Popular pairings include wearing red jeans with a cute denim jacket, hot little blazer, leopard print accessories, or just a plain white tee and some boots.

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