9 Office Friendly Dresses under $50 ...


As the holiday season ends, many of us prepare to return to daytime office friendly dress. Darn, just when I was getting into the Christmas sweater groove, too. Are you in search of a few new office friendly dress options? If you are interested in refreshing your closet in a budget friendly way then we offer nine (of many) options for an office friendly dress under $50 that are worth a glance.

1. V for Victory Belted Pencil Dress

V for Victory Belted Pencil Dress

When I first saw this dress I was struck by the color and the neckline details. If you want a lovely, comfortable, and professional office friendly dress, consider the V for Victory Belted Pencil Dress in burgundy from Lily Boutique. The wide neckline, simple cut and bold color are fantastic. The mini v-shaped neckline dip is a tasteful and unexpected touch. All that is nice, but the feature that tipped the scale and won my hear are the pockets! Pair this lovely frock with nice heels and minimal accessories. It can be yours for just $32.

2 in 1 Pencil Dress
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