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Although winter may be in full force wherever you are, that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to help yourself from fawning over these spectacular dresses for under $30. Weather never deters me when it comes to a phenomenal sale; there are various ways to dress up an outfit to ensure that it is warm enough to brave the elements. Whether you are looking to switch up your wardrobe for the new year or itching for a fabulous look for your next date night, these marvelous dresses for under $30 will make you feel confident without forcing you to break the bank.

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Forever 21 – Forget-Me-Not Dress

Forever 21 – Forget-Me-Not Dress Starting off this list of flawless dresses for under $30 is this minimalist piece from Forever 21. I've never been a major fan of one-shoulder dresses, but I must say that this certainly makes me want to change my mind. At only $19.80, your inner fashionista will thank you for wearing this ultra-flattering piece.


ASOS – True Decadence Lace Mini Dress

ASOS – True Decadence Lace Mini Dress From its contrasting shades to its innovative design, this next dress will definitely be a showstopper. The clean cut lines of this piece will definitely accentuate your best features. Currently on sale for $18.52, you won't regret showing off this sexy dress at a night on the town.


Lulu's – Shape Haven Cutout Wine Dress

Lulu's – Shape Haven Cutout Wine Dress I can't help but admire the flirty peekaboo cut of this beautiful creation and gush over just how absolutely exquisite the rich red hue is. The plain front of this dress gives off a subtle but hot vibe; at only $30, this just proves that inexpensive items can be just as sassy as their designer counterparts.


ASOS – Motel Dress in Leopard Print

ASOS – Motel Dress in Leopard Print Leopard print should be considered a staple in everyone's closet. Functioning as a neutral, the bold print on this dress is arguably its greatest feature. The high-low cut of the skirt will accent your toned legs in an incredibly classy and subtle way. The coolest part about this fabulous piece is that it is on sale for $28.70!


Forever 21 – Sophisticated Lace Dress

Forever 21 – Sophisticated Lace Dress Not only am I completely in love with the lace detailing, I'm also obsessed with its sleek shape. The best aspect of this wonderful piece is that it will only set you back by about $27.80. Take one look at this shift dress and it will be easy for you to see why monochromatic patterns are one of the biggest trends this season. Do you really need any more reasons to fall head over heels for this fashionable piece?


ASOS CURVE Bandeau Maxi Beach Dress

ASOS CURVE Bandeau Maxi Beach Dress At about $20, this is definitely one of my favorite purchases during this cold season for many reasons. I guarantee that this dress will compliment almost anything you pair it with and is simple in design, showing that your eclectic style needs no effort. Once you put on your dancing shoes, there's no question that you'll be having a good time in this gem!


Forever 21 – Bombshell Faux Leather Dress

Forever 21 – Bombshell Faux Leather Dress Lastly, on top of being reasonably priced ($29.80), this next piece is full of glamour and sass. The faux leather bodice paired wit the delicate crocheted metal lace-effect skirt provides an interesting yet amazing look. I'm still in awe over this fancy body-con dress.

Any excuse to go shopping is a perfect excuse. What are some stores that you love frequenting? Which places have you scored amazing deals from?

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Forever 21 is Sooo awesome

I love dress one!

These are all cute dress can't decide between 1, 2,3,4 and 7

I love dress 4


I'd love a sale like that!!!!

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