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7 Overrated Brands I'm Tired of Seeing ...

By Jennifer

I'm a college student, so as I wander around the campus between classes, and study at the library, I see a lot of other students, most looking like complete slobs, wearing overrated brands. I don't have a problem with being comfortable, but I do have a problem with everyone wearing the same overrated brands. Which ones bother me the most? Keep reading! Her's my list of 7 overrated brands that I'm just tired of seeing.

1 Pink

I actually really like the Victoria's Secret Pink line, with the adorable tees and flattering yoga pants... but I am a college student, and I am so, so sick of seeing sloppy students in these cute tees and pants, with messy left-over make-up from last night, stuffed into UGG boots. And they're all wearing it, all the time!

2 Victoria's Secret, Actually

In fact, I'm sick of seeing Victoria's Secret, because they seem to have lost their way. What happened to the sexy bras and panties? Why did they stray from the formula that worked for them, and start selling everything else, like perfume, make-up, and everything else?

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I have a major pet-peeve with this overrated,over-worn brand. Sure, UGG boots with skinny jeans are cute and stylish. But at school, loads of sloppy girls wear their baggy sweatpants tucked into them. It's a messy, sloppy, ridiculous look, which is why I consider this brand to be overrated, one I'm so tired of seeing.

4 Hollister

There’s something weird, creepy and just plain strange about a grown man or woman wearing anything made by Hollister, and somehow, the only people who wear it anymore are the grown-ups. And little stuck-up rich kid punks who pop the collars on their polo shirts.

5 Old Navy

Back in the day, Old Navy was an inexpensive alternative for great clothes, but today, it's overpriced and overrated. The clothes may be stylish, but they're so pricey, and they fall apart quickly, with one exception — their jeans.

6 North Face

Unless you're actually climbing Everest, or Kilimanjaro, or at least Mount Rainier, you don't really need a North Face jacket. So why are scores of soccer moms and college students? That's right — college girls wear their obnoxious sweatpants, tucked into UGG boots, along with North Face jackets.

7 The GAP

Along with Old Navy, the GAP is another overrated brand that used to be excellent, but is now just overdone. They're expensive, their clothes are boring, and they're just plain overrated.

With so many overrated brands, all being worn thrown-together into sloppy outfits, it's a whole other reason I can't wait to graduate and leave this fashion purgatory. Which of these overrated brands are you tired of seeing? Or are you still a fan of some of these brands? Please share!

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