7 Perfect and Fashionable Winter Coats for the Coldest Weather ...


Fashionable Winter Coats that will keep you warm and look amazing don't have to cost you an arm and a leg! I've never had the money to spend anywhere over $75 on a coat, and so you can rest at ease-I'm a pro at sniffing out fashionable winter coats at affordable prices! I've put together a list of my favorite fashionable winter coats for you to look through today. I love all of these coats because they are cute and they will pull double duty to keep you warm this freezing winter. Keep on reading for the most fashionable winter coats ever!

1. Trench Coat W/ Contrast Piping

Trench Coat W/ Contrast Piping

Price: $34.80 at forever21.com

You can't get much more classic then a button down trench coat! I have always loved trench coats, and this one is in the perfect color. Its neutral, so it will go with everything, and it's appropriate for any occasion. This is one of the fashionable winter coats I'm going to stock up on, in different colors of course!

Fleece Pea Coat
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