7 Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Pale Women ...


7 Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Pale Women ...
7 Phenomenal Fashion Tips for Pale Women ...

If you’re a member of the elite Princess Pale club then you know the struggle that comes with fashion. It’s not always easy to find things that look good on you when you’re pale. These are some tips to help you with that. I hope they leave you feeling lovely and confident.

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Take Some Tips from the Celebrities That Share Your Skin Tone

Take Some Tips from the Celebrities That Share Your Skin Tone It can be helpful to look at celebrities who’ve pale skin for fashion tips. You can observe what colors look good on them, their makeup and what does and doesn’t work. Some celebrities I watch for inspiration are Emma Stone, Dakota Fanning, Dakota Johnson and Nicole Kidman. It’s fun to see how they make pale work for them. It can give you some ideas for your own styles.


Pale skin can be challenging to style, but with the right fashion tips, you can create a look that is both modern and flattering. Here are seven phenomenal fashion tips for pale women:

  1. Choose Colors That Pop: Pale skin needs bright colors to make it stand out. Opt for jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. You can also add a pop of color with a bright scarf or a patterned blouse.

  2. Reach for Lighter Shades: Dark colors can be too harsh on pale skin. Instead, reach for lighter shades like pastels and neutrals. These colors will look softer and more flattering.

  3. Add a Touch of Sparkle: Pale skin looks great with a bit of sparkle. Add a touch of metallic to your outfit with a sequin top, a beaded necklace, or a shimmery skirt.

  4. Accessorize with Bold Prints: Bold prints can help to create a more vibrant look. Try a printed scarf or a patterned belt to add some visual interest to your outfit.


Discover What Colors Look Best on You

Discover What Colors Look Best on You There are colors that work for pale girls. For me, it’s wine, navy, red, pink and aqua as well as neutrals in white, black and charcoal. These colors may work for you too. You could also have a whole different color scheme that suits you. In order to find out, hold different colors up to your face and see what looks flattering.


Skip the Nude Bra and Go for Ivory Instead for a Flawless Look

Skip the Nude Bra and Go for Ivory Instead for a Flawless Look I’ll agree that a bra and panty in the color of your skin tone is an important part of your wardrobe. For pale girls, nude is not the color you want. If you’re truly pale, nude undergarments can look almost brown against your skin. Skip that color and choose ivory instead. More than likely, ivory is going to be your own personal nude.


Pale women should take extra care when it comes to selecting the correct underwear. While nude bras are a classic staple, they may not be the best choice for pale women. Ivory is a better option, as it will create a more seamless look with the skin tone. Ivory lingerie can provide a more natural look and a flawless finish. Additionally, this color is much more versatile and can be worn with a variety of clothing colors. With the right selection of lingerie, pale women can look beautiful and feel confident.


Wear White Shorts Instead of Cream or Khaki

Wear White Shorts Instead of Cream or Khaki White shorts can be a good choice for pale girls. They can show what little bit of color you do have. White shorts are a better choice than cream or khaki which can highlight your paleness. White jeans or skirts can also work well. White is versatile so you can pair practically any top with a white bottom. Shorts, skirts and jeans in this color are good staples to have in your closet.


Don’t Neglect to Add in Occasional Metallic Colors to Your Wardrobe

Don’t Neglect to Add in Occasional Metallic Colors to Your Wardrobe Metallic colors can look lovely on pale ladies. Silver, gold, bronze and other metallics can be a good addition on occasion. You might find a top in one of those colors or choose to wear that color in a shoe. The trick to wearing metallic colors is to let them have center stage. Purposefully tone down your outfit in other ways.


Nude Shoes Flatter Your Pale Skin

Nude Shoes Flatter Your Pale Skin This one comes with a trick. It has to be your own nude shade. A light nude or ivory may be what you need. But if you can find some shoes in your personal nude, it can be very beneficial, especially if it’s a heel or wedge. Nude shoes can make your legs look miles long which has a very sexy effect.


Be Confident and Love the Skin You’re in

Be Confident and Love the Skin You’re in This one is the most important. Don’t let being pale make you feel unattractive. I used to do this but I now love my paleness. It’s unique and can actually look pretty with the right colors.

These are 7 fashion tips for those with pale skin. What would you add to this list? What’s your favorite fashion tip for pale girls?

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I used to get horribly bullied by people everywhere about my "vampire skin". People driving by in cars would yell "get a freakin tan". But I refused to ever lie in the sun. Which is why, at age 43, I look 10 yrs younger than my peers. Who's laughing now?! 1 more thing to consider w/pale skin is your hair color. I used to be blonde, but it totally washed me out. About 10 yrs ago I went red, which compliments my fair skin, & makes my green eyes really pop. I'd love to see an article devoted to makeup (especially base) for pale girl's. Every base I try turns me orange!

I'm very pale with red hair and blue eyes. My best colors are navy, coral, and yellow, and mint. But 7 is the most important thing on this list :)

My pale skin is one of the few things I love about myself. Don't get me wrong, if you're a race that is naturally darker skin, I think it's beautiful. But I never understand the girls that purposefully lie in the sun for hours, wrinkling their bodies for the sake of being a darker shade. I love being a vampire!

#5 Legs don't look that pale tho...

Loveee 6's dress!!!! I almost always wear pastels, but I also love black. It can look chic and dressy if it's done right.

I find bright colours look best on my pale skin, whereas pale colours wash me out. I personally am happy with my pale skin, better than tan lines!

It's another world having pale skin because the dresses and makeup are so different.

#4 So let's use a photo of a girl inwhote shorts with perfect tanned legs?

I try to avoid wearing all black and pretty much any lipstick as it usually looks too harsh or too pale. I also avoid pastels that are too close to my skin tone, along with oatmeal and mustard yellow. I also tend to stick to the same foundations because in the past when I have tried new ones I found that even the palest shades look too dark on me.

And lots of sunscreen. It takes work to stay this pale!

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