How to Look like an off Duty Model ...

By Jennifer

How to Look like an off Duty Model ...

Sure, they're our style heroes on the runway and in magazines, but supermodels can also be our street-style icons, too, right? Here are a few #modelsoffduty who prove they've got style 24/7. Warning: about half of these feature the undisputed style queen, Miranda Kerr.

Table of contents:

  1. miranda kerr
  2. karlie kloss
  3. kati nescher
  4. jourdan dunn
  5. miranda kerr
  6. jourdan dunn, some more
  7. irina shayk
  8. candice swanepoel
  9. christine centenera
  10. josephine skriver
  11. karlie kloss again
  12. cara delevingne
  13. gisele bundchen
  14. kendall jenner
  15. karlie kloss some more
  16. rosie huntington-whiteley
  17. jessica hart
  18. heidi klum
  19. naomi campbell
  20. jourdan dunn again
  21. joan smalls & cara delevingne
  22. alessandra ambrosio
  23. naomi campbell
  24. romee strijd
  25. gisele bundchen one more time!
  26. malaika firth
  27. candice swanepoel some more!
  28. sigrid agren
  29. gisele bundchen, again
  30. romee strijd, again
  31. snejana onopka
  32. lily aldridge
  33. gisele bündchen, because why not?
  34. kasia struss
  35. alessandra ambrosio
  36. miranda kerr. again
  37. miranda kerr
  38. diana moldovan
  39. candice swanepoel
  40. miranda kerr
  41. alessandra ambrosio
  42. miranda kerr
  43. joan smalls
  44. doutzen kroes
  45. behati prinsloo
  46. cara delevingne
  47. kate moss
  48. gisele bundchen
  49. rumi neely
  50. karolina kurkova
  51. andreea diaconu
  52. gigi hadid
  53. irina kulikova
  54. sasha luss
  55. adriana lima
  56. andreea diaconu, two
  57. cara delevingne
  58. zuzanna krzatala
  59. sui he
  60. lily donaldson
  61. bette franke
  62. tilda lindstam

1 Miranda Kerr

clothing,footwear,jacket,leather,outerwear, Source: Miranda Kerr looks every inch

2 Karlie Kloss

clothing,man,male,gentleman,suit, Source: Karlie Kloss Kills the Street

3 Kati Nescher

clothing,footwear,road,street,denim, Source:

4 Jourdan Dunn

footwear,fashion,fashion show,spring,runway, Source: Jourdan Dunn

5 Miranda Kerr

black,clothing,footwear,leather,fashion, Source: In the Trenches: Miranda Kerr's

6 Jourdan Dunn, Some More

clothing,red,fashion,pattern,spring, Source: The Style Has Spoken

7 Irina Shayk

clothing,footwear,denim,fashion,jeans, Source:

8 Candice Swanepoel

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,shopping, Source: Candice Photostream

9 Christine Centenera

clothing,footwear,outerwear,denim,fashion, Source: 5 Style Tips for Women

10 Josephine Skriver

clothing,footwear,jeans,outerwear,fashion, Source:

11 Karlie Kloss Again

clothing,footwear,jacket,leather,fashion, Source: Look of the Day

12 Cara Delevingne

clothing,footwear,fashion,shoe,pattern, Source: Cara Delevingne Poses in London

13 Gisele Bundchen

clothing,spring,denim,fashion,jeans, Source: 8 Celebrity-Inspired Spring Outfit Ideas

14 Kendall Jenner

clothing,black,lady,winter,fashion, Source: 7 Smart Ways to Layer

15 Karlie Kloss Some More

Coach,clothing,fashion,spring,supermodel, Source: Week of November 18th

16 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

clothing,fashion,little black dress,flooring,leather, Source: How to Wear All Black

17 Jessica Hart

clothing,footwear,lady,beauty,sneakers, Source: Celebrities and Their Prada

18 Heidi Klum

clothing,fashion,dress,footwear,spring, Source: Heidi Klum’s Sandals: Birkenstock

19 Naomi Campbell

clothing,footwear,fashion,gentleman,costume, Source: Wealth and Luxury — Naomi

20 Jourdan Dunn Again

black,fashion,fashion show,runway,supermodel, Source: Little White Dress: Jourdan Dunn's

21 Joan Smalls & Cara Delevingne

supermodel,fashion,model,dress,nightclub, Source: Carine Roitfeld’s Birthday Was the

22 Alessandra Ambrosio


23 Naomi Campbell

hair,clothing,footwear,fashion,leather, Source: Street Style | Street Style

24 Romee Strijd

clothing,footwear,road,fashion,street, Source:

25 Gisele Bundchen One More Time!

baby carriage,clothing,product,footwear,vehicle, Source: Star Moms' Best Parenting Advice

26 Malaika Firth

clothing,jacket,coat,winter,outerwear, Source: Model Recipies: Malaika Firth's Spicy

27 Candice Swanepoel Some More!

fashion,footwear,spring,runway,fashion show, Source: High heels and hangovers

28 Sigrid Agren

clothing,winter,fashion,coat,spring, Source:

29 Gisele Bundchen, Again

clothing,jeans,footwear,denim,fashion, Source: Natural Clothing Personality | How

30 Romee Strijd, Again

clothing,road,footwear,street,dress, Source: Model Street style! | Page

31 Snejana Onopka

road,black,clothing,footwear,street, Source:

32 Lily Aldridge

clothing,sleeve,fashion,leather,jacket, Source:

33 Gisele Bündchen, Because Why Not?

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,season, Source:

34 Kasia Struss

clothing,footwear,fashion,leather,jacket, Source: MODELS JAM: Kasia Struss, Paris

35 Alessandra Ambrosio

clothing,footwear,fashion,leg,abdomen, Source: Alessandra Photostream

36 Miranda Kerr. Again

clothing,footwear,fashion,coat,outerwear, Source: LoLoBu - Women look, Fashion

37 Miranda Kerr



clothing,footwear,road,street,fashion, Source:

39 Candice Swanepoel

clothing,fashion,footwear,spring,jeans, Source: Candice Swanepoel’s Best Model-Off-Duty Moments

40 Miranda Kerr


41 Alessandra Ambrosio

clothing,footwear,outerwear,street,spring, Source: Alessandra Ambrosio Looks Perfect in

42 Miranda Kerr

clothing,footwear,leg,fashion,spring, Source: Street Style: A Miranda for

43 Joan Smalls

clothing,fashion,spring,season,supermodel, Source: Fashion Trends - Shopping Guides


clothing,road,snapshot,footwear,street, Source:

45 Behati Prinsloo

hair,clothing,leather,hairstyle,jacket, Source: LET IT BE: BEAUTY

46 Cara Delevingne

blue,clothing,beauty,fashion,spring, Source: Jean Shorts - Shop This

47 Kate Moss

clothing,footwear,jacket,outerwear,coat, Source: Kate Photostream


clothing,lady,footwear,blond,fashion, Source: Le Fashion

49 Rumi Neely

hair,clothing,footwear,fashion,fur, Source: Class of 2014: Meet The

50 Karolina Kurkova

clothing,footwear,denim,fashion,spring, Source: Follow

51 Andreea Diaconu

clothing,blue,human positions,photography,sitting, Source: Andreea Diaconu, Model - Into

52 Gigi Hadid

white,clothing,fashion,spring,outerwear, Source: 79 Incredible Model-Off-Duty Street Style


clothing,winter,outerwear,fashion,cap, Source:

54 Sasha Luss

clothing,road,fur clothing,fur,street, Source: Model-Off-Duty: Sasha Luss | Chunky

46 Adriana Lima

clothing,footwear,leg,fashion,thigh, Source: Adriana Lima style


clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,spring, Source: MODEL-OFF-DUTY: ANDREEA DIACONU | TANK


clothing,dress,lady,fashion,footwear, Source:

49 Zuzanna Krzatala

clothing,footwear,leather,jacket,fashion, Source: Model-Off-Duty Style: Get Zuzanna Krzatala's

50 Sui He

clothing,road,street,fashion,spring, Source:

51 Lily Donaldson

black,clothing,footwear,lady,tights, Source: Runway Pictures - Fall 2015

52 Bette Franke

clothing,jacket,leather,fashion,spring, Source: Model-Off-Duty Style: Bette Franke In

53 Tilda Lindstam

clothing,footwear,fashion,spring,dress, Source: Paris – Tilda Lindstam (Wayne

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