7 Pretty Pastel Coats to Wear in Winter ...

Pastel coats are one of winterโ€™s top trends. Pastels arenโ€™t just for spring and summer anymore, with pastel coats and knits proving to be the perfect remedy for dreary winter weather. Work a full ladylike look in subtle pastel shades or wear a pastel coat to offset a grungy outfit. If youโ€™re a fan of sorbet shades this season, then take a look at these pretty pastel coats.

1. Light Blue Boyfriend Coat

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There seems to be quite a number of pastel coats to choose from this season, and a pale blue coat is just one on-trend option. Wear it with black skinny jeans and tan lace-up shoes for a smart everyday outfit. This particular coat comes in a slightly oversized, โ€˜boyfriendโ€™ design and costs $99 from Dorothy Perkins. You can also check out Oasis and Topshop for more pastel blue coats.

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