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My friend bought a scarf recently and immediately gave me a call asking what are different ways to tie scarves. Amongst my friends, I’m known for my scarves and how I tie them. This winter, why not pull out those scarves you love and work them in new ways? Here are a few of my cute ways to tie scarves.

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The Twist and Pull

The Twist and Pull This way to tie a scarf is probably my favorite because people can’t seem to figure it out when they look at it, yet it’s so clever! Fold your scarf in half and place it around your neck so that the two ends dangle from the left side and a loop hangs on the right. Taking one of the ends, thread it between the loop on the other side. Twist the loop by pulling the bottom side towards the top and thread the other end through it. Pull it until it’s comfortably tight. If you look at the scarf now, it has a pretzel-like quality; cute yet creative.


The European Loop

The European Loop The next way to tie a scarf is quite similar to the first one but less twisty. It’s good for scarves you wear with jackets. Again, set up your scarf with two ends hanging on the left and the loop on the right. This time, instead of separating the ends, keep them together as you thread them between the loop and pull tight.


The Modern One Loop

The Modern One Loop Never underestimate how the classic look can be. Leave about one-third of the scarf hanging on the right side. Wrap the scarf around your neck once and let the other end dangle on the left. Scarves with patterns look great in this style. I have a scarf that changes between three different animal prints in the same color. Wearing it like this makes the change more subtle and striking.


The Classic Drape

The Classic Drape The simplest way to tie a scarf that I know doesn’t really involve tying. Instead, just drape the scarf over both shoulders. It’s a good way to wear a scarf if you get hot or don’t want to feel it wrapped around your neck. If you want to make this more classy, wear all black with your scarf as the pop of color. Black flatters your body while the color draws attention. It’s a win-win!


To Infinity and beyond

To Infinity and beyond Infinity scarves are rising in popularity, and it’s no secret as to why. You can wear this style in various ways. Let it hang with one long loop. Or maybe wrap it around twice. You could also use it as a shawl. The possibilities are cute but manageable. You can even make your own infinity scarf by tying together the two ends of a standard scarf.


The Waterfall

The Waterfall If you have a wide scarf, then this one is for you! Wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Then take the top corner of the end on the right. Pull it across your front and tuck it in on the left side of your neck. It gives the scarf a waterfall-like look that is gorgeous!


The Celebrity

The Celebrity No wonder this is called the celebrity. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice. Taking the right end, thread it between the two loops around your neck. Tuck the left end in between the two loops and voilà! C’est magnifique!

With these cute ways to tie scarves, your friends will be begging you for your secrets in no time! And, you’ll get to put that scarf collection of yours to good use. What are your favorite ways to tie scarves?

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Who has time for that shit

Reese makes that same face in all pics she is in!

I normally do the first second and third one I can never figure out the sixth one and when I do it doesn't look right!

Great article but unfortunately restricted to oblong scarves. Squares are also versatile and allow many different and elegant ways to play with them. I know a great blog talking of that. I think it is called "playing with scarves".

U forgot the prep. When u let the scarf hang and knot it at both ends

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