Proof That You Need a Nightgown Dress ...


Back in the day, nightgown dresses were popular. Ladies like Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss, and Courtney love wore them to fancy events in order to look elegant. However, according to Glamour, they're back in style. They've been reinvented for Spring of 2016. Not sure if you like the look? Check them out down below:

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With Red Lips

With Red Lips


With Bed Head

Still not convinced? Check out the famous females who sported the look in the past:


Courtney Love

What's your opinion on this old trend becoming stylish again?

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Yes the roll out of bed look jk jk no way

I personally love it you just have to be able to pull it off

Nah not for me

This is one of those things only Rihanna can pull off.. It's a shame her example wasn't used tisk tisk

Seems a little frumpy

The fabric and designs are pretty, but they seem a little out of place. Not something I would consider wearing myself.

to loose... nah.

Not feeling it at all.

Not exactly current fashion, not exactly vintage and old school .. It's a nay for me at the moment

I personally don't like how they look to much, but I would love to see how far this trend will get before it drops again.

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