The Best Little Black Dress for Your Body Type ...


The Best Little Black Dress for Your Body Type ...
The Best Little Black Dress for Your Body Type ...

Every woman looks different in different types of clothing. Of course, little black dresses work for everyone. You just have to find the right fit. Real Simple can help you!

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Tall and Slim

Tall and Slim If you have long legs, you want your hemlines to hit the right spots. If you wear something too short, then you'll look more provocative than you wanted to. You should also try to wear something that fits your body shape, but isn't too tight.



Petite You don't want to overpower your frame with too many embellishments. Stick to something sleek and simple without too many distractions.


Full Hips and Thighs

Full Hips and Thighs Your big hips aren't anything to worry about. However, you should "opt for a hemline that hits your leg at its slenderest point, either just beneath the knee or just below the swell of your calf."


This advice is especially relevant for those with full hips and thighs, as a hemline that hits the slenderest point of the leg will provide a flattering silhouette. When shopping for a little black dress, look for styles that cinch in at the waist and have a skirt that flares out, as this will draw attention away from the hips. Avoid tight, body-hugging styles that will emphasize your curves. Opt for fabrics with a bit of stretch, such as jersey or cotton, to ensure a comfortable fit. Accessorize with a statement belt or necklace to draw attention away from the hips and create a balanced look.



Curvy You should definitely try on a wrap dress! It'll highlight the slimmest part of your waist, because it ties close to your bust.


No Hourglass

No Hourglass If you don't have the hourglass shape everyone always talks about, you should wear dresses with a sleek A-line. That way, it'll highlight your bust instead of your tiny hips.

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