10 Pushing Daisies Inspired Dresses for Summer ...

With the warm weather upon us, the time is prime to pick a fresh batch of summer dresses. And if you were a fan of the short-lived "Pushing Daisies", June also marks the third anniversary of the last month ABC aired the quick-witted, fashion-forward show. So, if you've been waiting to step out in Chuck style, here are 10 dresses inspired by everyone’s favorite back-from-the-dead crime fighter!

1. Daisy Day in Dress

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Price: $87.99 at modcloth.com
Charlotte «Chuck» Charles has some quirky summer dresses to go with her spirited personality. You’ll shine under the sun with this daisy patterned dress. The bow front just makes it all the more Chuck-like. I’d pair it with my cutest kitten heels and a clutch purse for an afternoon out.

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