If Your Bra Feels Uncomfortable, You Should Read This!


It is reported quite often that there are more women who wear the wrong bra size than those who get it right. This means we suffer slipping straps, straps and wires that dig in, arm bulges - you get the picture – right? And sometimes – simply due to body shape and bra design – even if you have been measured for the right size (which, by the way, you should do) – these things still happen. So what’s a girl to do to make her bra more comfortable?

1. Wear Wider Straps

If your bra is causing you an uncomfortable amount of pain in the shoulder area, it is very likely that the weight of your breasts is too heavy for the thinness of the straps you are wearing. The key is, the thicker the bra strap, the more support you get, and the wider the material is across your shoulder means that the weight will be spread out and will not dig in to a small area line.

Opt for Full Coverage
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