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If you’re on the bustier side, chances are you may have given up on figuring out which styles to wear and which ones you can still really rock even though there’s the “you’re not supposed to wear this if you have a big bust” myth! Women with big busts can still wear some of the same trends that flat-chested women can wear, and sometimes look even better! Keep reading to learn my clothing tips for women with big busts!

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Choose a-line Skirts and Dresses for a Balanced Proportion

While there is a time and a place for a pencil skirt, your most flattering silhouette is going to be A-line! The key is balance, and wearing an A-line skirt or dress will not only balance your features but also accentuate that coveted hourglass figure!


Always Wear the Proper Undergarments

This tip goes for every woman, for any activity really, but you would be surprised at the number of women who wear ill-fitted or non-supportive undergarments every day! There is also the matter of the right undergarment for the clothes you are wearing that day. Check your bra collection often for fit, quality, wear and tear, functionality, comfort, and suitability for the clothes you will be wearing. This can make all the difference in how a blouse fits and flows.


Try Accentuating Your Waist with a Belt

When you have a bigger bust, you have an opportunity to really let your waist shine! Show it off when you can! We’re talking about your natural waist, not where you like to sling your jeans on your hips. If you aren’t a fan of high-waisted clothes, then at least fake it! Throw a belt over your blouse or dress on your natural waist and then flaunt what your mama gave ya!


Opt for Wearing Large and Bold Prints

Shorter, petite women with thin figures can’t normally get away with wearing too many bold or large prints. We don’t have the figure to stabilize it! So if you’re more blessed in the chest, don’t be afraid to style a large, bold, crazy pattern! At least try once, you may find that you love it!


Avoid Bulky Materials and Baby-doll Style Tops

It’s hard to make any type of bulky material look good on anyone, but especially bigger chested women. Those chunky sweaters, thick sweatshirts, and big fuzzy jackets won’t do a thing for you. Instead, opt for several layers of thin, flattering materials. And baby doll style tops will only make you look larger than you are, so keep away from those!


Don’t Be Scared to Wear Scarves or Statement Necklaces

Bigger chested women tend to steer clear of statement necklaces or scarves because of the old wives tale that it will draw more attention and make you look bigger in that area. Not true! Again, balance is key. Choose a necklace that doesn’t drape down onto your breasts but rests right above them. Also, opt for collar style or bigger baubles that won’t look dwarfed next to The Girls. For scarves, look for thin and drapey material and avoid infinity style! Drape the scarf down elegantly over your chest instead of strangling yourself in folds of chunky material right around your neck.


Remember the Fine Line between Sexy Vs. Skanky

I’m all about flaunting what you’ve got, but if you have a bigger bust, remember that it can be very easy to come off a little too heavy. Try to choose classic necklines that don’t show more than what you would want anyone to see if you bent over! (Hint: If you have the proper undergarments on, you can easily avoid mishaps with The Girls falling out unexpectedly!).

Having a big bust may seem like your wardrobe options can be limited, but as you can see from this post, there are plenty of ways to push the limits and break down those “boundaries”! It’s all about balance, and finding what flatters you and makes you look great and feel even better! What tips have you picked up along the way for dressing a bigger bust? Thanks so much for reading!

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I totally agree Bindi! Why should people have to hide what they have to be beautiful? I say dress how you want!

I disagree with no. 5 - my ample chest looks good (NOT skanky!) in babydolls and type of fabric can also depend on cut, colour, fit or other factors. Just try the garment on and look in the mirror!

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I agree

Thank you for this!!!

@Sarah Adams - someone sounds jealous...

i disagree with 5 also @Midnight Rose

This article is not about hiding what you've got but about ways to give you a balanced silhouette.

@Teanna - dress how want but be appropriate. I have a big bust, and teach. I have to make sure I'm not showing anything off, but still am able to look stylish!

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