Embarrassed by Your Small Breasts? Bathing Suit Tips for a Larger Looking Chest ...


Embarrassed by Your Small Breasts? Bathing Suit Tips for a Larger Looking Chest ...
Embarrassed by Your Small Breasts? Bathing Suit Tips for a Larger Looking Chest ...

When you're wearing everyday clothing, it's easy to make your breasts look bigger with pushup bras and tight shirts. However, when you slip into a bathing suit, the actual size of your chest is harder to hide. Although you're perfect just the way you are, most women feel more comfortable when their breasts are looking their best. So if you're embarrassed to go out without a little lift, here are a few bathing suit tips that'll give you the illusion of having a larger chest:

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Buy a Suit with Cups Sewn inside

There are plenty of bathing suits that have built-in cups to support your breasts, and even cups that will push them up just like a Wonderbra would do. Victoria's Secret is the best place to shop for one because they have swimsuits in tons of cute colors. Just don't be afraid to spend a little money, because as you already know, that shop can be pretty pricey.


If you're looking for a bathing suit that will give you a larger looking chest, you should consider buying one with built-in cups. These cups are designed to give you extra support and lift, just like a Wonderbra would do. Not only will this make your chest look bigger, but it will also provide you with more comfort and confidence.

Victoria's Secret is the best place to shop for bathing suits with cups sewn inside. They have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, so you can find one that suits your body type and personal style. Keep in mind that these suits can be a bit pricey, but they are worth the investment if you want to achieve a larger looking chest.

When shopping for a bathing suit with built-in cups, make sure to get the right size. The cups should fit snugly against your body and provide the desired amount of support. You should also look for adjustable straps so that you can customize the fit of the suit.

If you want to get even more lift, you can try wearing a padded bra underneath your bathing suit. This will give you an extra boost and make your chest look even bigger. Just make sure that the bra is not visible under the suit.


Wear a Top with Horizontal Stripes

If you want a bathing suit with a design, opt for something with stripes. Just make sure that they're horizontal, and not vertical. That way, it'll give your boobs the illusion of being wider, which is just what you want!


Wear a Long Necklace That Dangles down

You don't have to leave your jewelry at home when you hit the beach. In fact, it helps to wear a necklace that is long enough to hang between your cleavage. That way, the eye will be drawn in that direction, making your breasts appear bigger than they are. Just don't wear a necklace that's too expensive, because there's always the chance it'll get lost in the ocean.


Buy a Suit with Ruffles on Top

Ruffles are the best way to make your chest appear larger. When you're searching for swimsuits, try to pick a top that has ruffles all over. It'll make you look like your chest is popping out further than it actually is. It's the perfect illusion.


Buy a Triangle Shaped Two-Piece

Typically, a two-piece will flatter your breasts more than a one-piece will. If you buy a bikini, try getting one with a triangle-shaped top so that it shows more of your breasts, which will make them seem larger.

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Buy a Suit with Ties That You Can Tighten

Instead of buying a swimsuit with clips or one that just slips on, buy one with ties. That way, you can tighten it so that it fits you the best that it possibly can. Whenever you feel self-conscious, you can just adjust it to make your boobs look their best.


Stand up Straight so Your Chest Sticks out

Your posture can make you look like a totally different person. If you're slouched over, your belly will look like it has rolls and your boobs won't look their greatest. But when your back is straight, both your booty and breasts will stick out to impress everyone around you.

There's no reason to be worried about bathing suit season. As long as you take the time to search for a swimsuit that's right for your body type, you'll feel confident walking around in it. Did you find your perfect swimsuit yet, or are you still searching for it?

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Agreed with Meg and Eunice!

@michelle - 'itty bitty titty committee'? Contradicting yourself there aren't ya? Trying to make yourself out to be the clever one? Didn't work. I'm sorry, but if you being overweight gets offended at certain things. Wake up and look at the real world. People have opinions.

@lalaland I totally agree with you. It's easy for people who have bigger boobs to say 'be happy with what you've got' whilst people like me are suffering with depression because of having small boobs. It's a genuine issue for some people.

Why are you guys so bitter? Do you have small breasts? Some of us actually have FLAT boobs btw. Like I know lots of people who can't fit 32a or even smaller. It is so easy to say "wtf embrace your boobs" when you actually have them.

Some men prefer small breasts, not all men likes over sizes girls!!

The title of this article is so wrong! Why would you be 'embarrassed' ?

I don't care what most men like. Loving my bbs the way they are :) just hoping, that everyone gets to this point. And the post is a good one for those who didn't. :)

My breast matches my body, so i wear a bikini to match. :)

Not every woman out their is comfortable* damn auto correct

32A and proud

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