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Hit the Beach with These Sexy 42 Swimsuit Cover Ups ...

By Eliza

Summer is pretty close and that probably means you are thinking about your swimsuit for this year. Even if you're totally comfortable in your skin, it's nice to have a beach cover up to throw on when you aren't in the water. You don't want to look dowdy though so you need a cover up that is gorgeous and comfortable at the same time. Here are the best choices for you.

1 Beautiful Floral Lace Dress

Beautiful Floral Lace DressHither & Yon Estate
Price: $28.00

2 Boho Chic Summer Sweater

Boho Chic Summer SweaterEvaVillain on Etsy
Price: $150.00


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3 Gypsy Beach Cover up

Gypsy Beach Cover upBikini Luxe
Price: $29.00

4 Clingy Dress Cover up

Clingy Dress Cover upBikini Luxe
Price: $185.00

5 Indian Summer Silk Print Dress

Indian Summer Silk Print DressBikini Luxe
Price: $220.00

6 Beach Hoodie

Price: $39.95

7 Adorable Dress

Adorable DressVENUS
Price: $39.00

8 Kaftan Beach Cover up in Peppermint

Kaftan Beach Cover up in PeppermintCoco Bay
Price: £37.00

9 Boho Cover up

Boho Cover
Price: $36.00

10 Lots of Bright Colors

Lots of Bright ColorsAmazon
Price: $1.45

11 Turquoise with Flowers

Turquoise with FlowersBaliBeachWear on Etsy
Price: $59.00

12 Maxi White Kaftan Dress

Maxi White Kaftan DressInfinityTiffany on Etsy
Price: $88.88

13 Wrap It Several Ways

Wrap It Several WaysVENUS
Price: $42.00

14 Indigo Color

Indigo ColorCoco Bay
Price: £37.00

15 Crocheted in Green

Crocheted in
Price: $26.80

16 Wear It with Shorts

Wear It with ShortsBelle La Vie
Price: $25.00

17 Bright Color

Bright ColorPrice: $39.50

18 With Fringe

Price: $30.00

19 Macrame Fringe Trim

Macrame Fringe TrimASOS
Price: $40.00

20 Paradise Pink with Flowers

Paradise Pink with FlowersASOS
Price: $81.55

21 Halter Dress

Halter DressNecessary Clothing
Price: $34.99

22 Itty Bitty Dress

Price: $23.95

23 Cute Shorty Beach Dress

Cute Shorty Beach DressPIRATA COUTURE
Price: $35.95

24 Light Weight Beach Cover up

Light Weight Beach Cover upBaliBeachWear on Etsy
Price: $59.00

25 Sheer Fringed Black Beach Kimono

Sheer Fringed Black Beach KimonoSassy Assy Clubwear
Price: $59.00

26 Floral White Lace

Floral White LaceAmazon
Price: $24.99

27 Sunny Yellow

Sunny YellowASOS
Price: $36.00

28 White Crochet Convertible Cover up

White Crochet Convertible Cover upCornerstone Gallery
Price: $26.75

29 Turquoise Fringed Beach Kimono

Turquoise Fringed Beach KimonoSassy Assy Clubwear
Price: $60.00

30 Mermaid Lace Beach Dress

Mermaid Lace Beach DressPIRATA COUTURE
Price: $43.95

31 Light and Airy

Light and AiryBaliBeachWear on Etsy
Price: $59.00

32 Neon Fringe Trim Beach Cover up

Neon Fringe Trim Beach Cover upASOS
Price: $39.87

33 Pale Pink

Pale PinkBlue Layne Boutique
Price: $15.00

34 Oversized Beach Bikini Cover up

Oversized Beach Bikini Cover upAmazon
Price: $0.00

35 Vintage 80s Jacket

Vintage 80s JacketShopTwitchVintage
Price: $30.00

36 Minty Color

Minty ColorMyAqua on Etsy
Price: $51.00

37 Black and White Stripe Beach Cover up

Black and White Stripe Beach Cover upSassy Assy Clubwear
Price: $44.00

38 Sheer Black Beach Dress

Sheer Black Beach DressSassy Assy Clubwear
Price: $35.00

39 Red and White Stripes

Red and White StripesAllNaturalStylist on Etsy
Price: $20.00

40 How about Bright Red?

How about Bright Red?PIRATA COUTURE
Price: $33.95

41 Sexy Leopard Print Beach Cover up

Sexy Leopard Print Beach Cover upJeannie Boutique
Price: $39.99

42 Shades of Blue

Shades of BlueJeannie Boutique
Price: $39.99

Which one are you dying to have? I bet it makes you want to hit the beach right now!

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