8 Reasons to Experiment with Fashion when You're Young ...


8 Reasons to Experiment with Fashion when You're Young ...
8 Reasons to Experiment with Fashion when You're Young ...

Your younger years are a great time to experiment with fashion. It's something that a lot of young women enjoy, so go ahead and try lots of styles out. Although later on you may laugh at what you once wore, it'll be a lot of fun. Here are some great reasons to experiment with fashion when you're young …

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Getting Away with It

If you're going to experiment with fashion, a good time is when you are young. It's easier to get away with then! Play around with different styles; young women can pull off more eye-catching outfits. As you get older, what is in fashion can look less flattering. So make the most of the chance to experiment!


Find out What Suits

Trying out different fashions gives you an opportunity to find out what looks good on you. Nobody is born with an innate sense of style. You have to try out lots of looks in order to learn what suits you. It is also just as useful to find out what doesn't suit you!


To Laugh at Your Younger Self

Trying out different fashions will give the older you much amusement. Believe me, you will look back and laugh at what you once thought looked good on you. It's actually inevitable, as your tastes change over the years. So make the most of the opportunity to try out fashions, as you're going to laugh at yourself come what may!


Have Fun

Being young is a great chance to have fun with clothes. Of course, you can do so at any age. But your younger years gives you more opportunities to do so. You can dress up without feeling silly. Wear a tutu or clashing colors if you want - it definitely won't be a good look later on!


More Flattering

These days, people are less restricted by age when it comes to clothes , but being experimental in your dress sense can be more appropriate when you are younger. By the time you are older, you know what looks good on you, and wearing wacky clothes just makes you look silly.


The Older You

You'll be doing the older you a favor by playing around with fashion. Experimenting when young teaches you what suits you, which can be a great asset to your wardrobe and budget. You'll be able to spend more wisely, because you've learnt what looks right on you. No more closets full of purchases you regret!



You're more likely to have less disposable income when you're young. On a budget, you tend to be restricted to cheap disposable fashion ranges. This gives you an opportunity to try out new ideas without spending a fortune and making expensive mistakes. As I've mentioned, this will be an asset later on.


More Adventurous

When you're younger, you're more inclined to be adventurous in your choice of outfits. Yes, you run the risk of looking silly or being embarrassed when you look back at old photos. But when you're young is exactly the time to experiment with clothes and make the most of that daring streak.

It's very likely that you will indeed wonder later on what possessed you to wear "that outfit." But don't let that stop you - you may look like an explosion in Carrie Bradshaw's closet, but at least you'll have fun. So make the most of being able to get away with wearing outrageous clothes and experimenting with style. What is the most embarrassing outfit you wore when you were younger?

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