9 Tips on How to Find Your Style ...


9 Tips on How to Find Your Style ...
9 Tips on How to Find Your Style ...

How To Find Your Style is something that fashion magazines and websites often address. You can buy all the high end designer items you like, but money can’t always buy style. Determining your own personal style can come down to a number of different factors. The following are just a few tips on how to find your style.

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What’s Already in Your Wardrobe?

Looking at ways on how to find your style can be as simple as assessing what’s already in your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is made up of predominantly boho inspired pieces then maybe you’re more of a free-spirited dresser. Those with well curated capsule wardrobes may be more likely to have stylishly classic tastes.


Identify Your Style Icons

Do you take inspiration from classic style icons? Or do you take your tips from modern celebrities? Identifying who your style icons is one step on the quest to finding your personal style. Looking to screen sirens of the past is a great way to get classic and retro style tips, while looking to celebrities of today is one way to keep up with current trends.


Identify What Inspires You

Create an inspiration board from brochures and magazine clippings of what inspires you. This is a great idea for determining what aesthetic you are after. If you find yourself gravitating to more ethereal imagery then maybe you are partial to a hippie-luxe style of dressing. Alternatively, if you find yourself with a wealth of stark black and white images then maybe a deconstructed minimalist style appeals to you more.


Identify Your ‘Go to’ Outfit

When you are lacking inspiration, or having one of ‘those’ days, what is the outfit you always gravitate towards? This outfit can often be an indication of the style of dressing that you feel most comfortable with, be it a casual jeans and tee combo or ladylike tea dresses and heels.


What’s Your Time Frame?

How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning? Do you prefer to take your time, or are you always in a rush? Time is an important part of how to find your style. There’s no point in committing to a high-maintenance style of dressing if you don’t have the time to follow through. Maintaining your style should be a relatively effortless process.


Pick a Statement Piece

A statement or character piece is great for defining your style. Whether it is a pair of shoes, a statement handbag, or a style of clothing, it should be something that is distinctively ‘you’. If you have a statement piece, it can be easier to base your outfit and overall style around that piece.


Clothes or Accessories?

Would you rather spend more money on your clothes or accessories? Some people prefer the focus of their outfits to be on accessories while others are all about the clothing. For example, those who choose statement accessories may prefer more fuss-free outfits. When thinking about how to find your style, this simple question may just be the one to lead you in the right direction.


Look at Your Environment

If you live in a warm climate, a style that involves heavy fabrics and layers may not be the smartest option. Likewise, if you live in a colder climate then sheer summer-style dressing may not be feasible either. However, you can always customise and adapt to your environment using some ingenuity. Look at ways to achieve the same aesthetic as your preferred style.


Be Open to Change

Personal style is something that is always evolving. Don’t feel constrained to stick with the same style year in and year out. Feel free to experiment and play around with different trends and styles – that’s half the fun of fashion in the first place!

Whether you are already aware of your own style or looking to find a new one, these tips are just a few that may help you on how to find your style. Style is a very personal thing, so a generic approach may not always work. Spend some time thinking about what works best for you and what you want out of your style. What are your best tips on how to find your style?

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