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7 Recurring Fashion Trends from My Childhood and Yours ...

By Artti

Recurring fashion trends isn't new news to us. However, I’m pleasantly surprised that a lot of trends from my childhood are making their way to the surface! Today, many young women are dressing like young girls! Seeing 2014 streetwear is making me nostalgic, so here’s a few of the recurring fashion trends from our childhood that you spot on the streets today.

Table of contents:

  1. Overalls
  2. Cartoon graphic tees
  3. Oversized clothes
  4. Armful of bracelets
  5. Scrunchies
  6. Frilly socks with flats
  7. Sparkly nail polish

1 Overalls

One of my favourite recurring fashion trends is overalls! Of course when we were younger, overalls were bulkier and had an excessive and unnecessary amount of pockets on them. However, today many young, fashion forward women wear overalls. Typically worn with a cropped top underneath, overalls for young women can be found at stores like Zara, Forever21, H&M, Topshop or Urban Outfitters – they’re definitely a must have for the spring and summer season.

2 Cartoon Graphic Tees

When we were younger, we would have tees with our favourite cartoon plastered on the front. Luckily, it’s not hard to find those shirts in adult sizes. Cartoon graphic tees can be worn with light washed or ripped jeans and with canvas shoes or flats. Cartoon graphic tees are great for a casual look when running errands on your day off!

3 Oversized Clothes

As kids we were dressed in semi-oversized clothes so we could grow in to them without our parents having to address our rapid growth by buying new clothes. Now, it’s trendy to dress in oversized clothing – it’s comfy, it’s modest and looks great when done right. If you have an oversized, chunky sweater in your closet, pair it with a chunky necklace, boyfriend jeans and ankle boots for a carefree look.

4 Armful of Bracelets

As little girls, we had our arms covered in charm bracelets, friendship bracelets, homemade bracelets, jelly bracelets, and every other type of bracelet available to us. Fast forward to the present and armfuls of bracelets are just as relevant. Whether your bangles and bracelets are made out of precious metals or plastic, you can never have too much arm jewellery. In fact, I think an armful of bracelets looks gorgeous under the summer sun.

5 Scrunchies

Personally, I was never a fan of this trend but it did dominate the 90's accessory world. Scrunchies can’t be worn most of the time but when they can be they definitely add a feeling of nostalgia to any outfit. I recommend wearing srunchies with flow-y skirts or shorts for the perfect spring/summer look.

6 Frilly Socks with Flats

Remember whenever you would have to go to your aunt’s house you had to wear white frilly socks with flats? If you’re like me you most likely hated it and felt ridiculous. However, maybe our mothers were on to something. Frilly socks and flats are a cute and easy way to transform your otherwise regular outfit in to a sweet and youthful ensemble.

7 Sparkly Nail Polish

When I was little, sparkles were my life. I think I would have literally chosen sparkles over food and nourishment – but I was seven years old and had a moustache so what did I know? When I was a little older and in my teens, I would have never been caught dead with sparkly nail polish because it was too “juvenile” for me. Today, I’m all about the sparkly nail polish and it seems like a lot of nail artists on Instagram are too! Next time you’re tired of your usual nail polishes, try some sparkly nail polish to instantly glam up your nails!

Fashion is always recycling itself so it’s no surprise that things that were popular 20 years ago is coming back. However, I love that today’s fashion is inspired by the young girls of the 80s and 90s! What are some other recurring fashion trends inspired by our childhood?

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