7 Fabulous Fashion Trends from the 70s That You Can Rock Today ...


There are some fashion trends from the 70’s that should never be repeated again, like plaid polyester suits. However many trends are starting to come back, and for someone who wasn’t alive during the disco decade, it’s exciting to try these fashion trends from the 70’s for the first time. So for the people who were actually alive in the 70’s, go down into your basement and break out those dusty boxes full of old clothes - you’ll be using them again!

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The Afro

This is one of the fashion trends from the 70’s that I really appreciate because it’s natural. Not that I could ever rock this look myself, but I love that a lot of women, especially African American women, are letting their natural hair show no matter how wild it is. The bigger the afro, the better! Make it even more stylish with earrings that dangle to make your face look slimmer.


Colorful Head Scarves

I’m not really sure if you could rock this with an afro because you may not see it, but this is a trend that I’ve seen lately. Especially for people with darker hair, you can wear a bright head scarf to brighten up your look.


Platform Shoes

This was a trend that I never thought would come back. But surprisingly, platform shoes are growing more popular in fashion today. Even though I think that it makes you look like you have big blocks on your feet, it actually makes your legs look a lot thinner. They’re also good if you want to make yourself taller without the pain of wearing heels.


Bell-Bottom Jeans

You can wear these with clogs for a fashionable look, or throw on a pair of converse sneakers for a more laid-back feel. Just make sure that they’re not too flared, or you will get your jeans caught in things like I do every time I wear bell-bottoms.


Mixed Prints

This can be a tricky one but when done right can look amazing. First, don’t ever mix horizontal stripes with vertical stripes; you’re blinding people and you remind me of Beetlejuice. To add on to that, try not to wear horizontal stripes in general. It makes you look a lot wider than you actually are. When you mix prints, try and keep them in the same color tone. I always like to mix skin tone colors like peach, pink, white, and tan together. You can mix polka dots with literally everything and it makes you look adorable, except horizontal stripes.


Maxi Dresses/ Skirts

This style has come back within the past three years. I like this style because it’s a nice thing to wear in the summertime, or the spring when it’s a little too cold to wear shorts. If you’re younger, this style really does make you look more mature.



If you can rock a romper, or a jumpsuit, good for you because I know I can’t. I see women wearing rompers with heels, and even denim overalls and they still look amazing. I’m jealous. You look fantastic. You can wear a black romper and make it stand out by wearing bold shoes, or wear a bold romper with simple black or nude heels.

I really love that the styles from the 70’s are coming back. I personally was not alive in the 70’s, but my cousins were, and I steal clothes from them all the time. Eventually I think that every fashion trend repeats itself within 35 years. So keep your old clothes when they go out of style so you don’t have to go shopping again. Everyone loves vintage stuff anyway! What are some styles from the 70’s that you think you can wear today?

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Ummmm bellbottoms are back????

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