7 Unexpected Fashion Week Trends and How to Wear Them ...

Unexpected fashion week trends are usually the ones that have us questioning our commitment to fashion. While some fashion week trends are predictable – dark colours in winter, pastels in spring, wacky and impractical shoes 99% of the time – designers have a tendency to always throw something unexpected into the mix. It could be something completely zany or a trend that we never would have thought would make it onto the runway. Take a look at these unexpected fashion week trends.

1. Dresses over Pants

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One of the most unexpected fashion week trends was the dresses over pants look. I thought this was a trend that we had well and truly left in the nineties but it seems like we’re in for a revival of sorts. Designers like Giorgio Armani, Rebecca Taylor, and MSGM all included variations of this layered look in their Fall 2014 ready-to-wear collections. Make this look work off the runway by teaming shift dress over fitted leather-look pants.

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