7 Spring Accessory Trends ...


7 Spring Accessory Trends ...
7 Spring Accessory Trends ...

Accessory trends this spring cover a range of themes from fairy floss colours to bold tribal inspired patterns. Much like clothing, trends for accessories change each season. Adding a few new season accessories to your everyday look is an easy and effective way to update your look. The following are just a few of my top accessory trend picks for spring.

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Colourful Clutches

Colourful clutches have been on the radar for some time now, but their popularity has really exploded lately. Sorbet shades are a popular choice for spring, so when dipping your toes into this accessory trend choose a clutch in a pastel pink, mint, sky blue, or lavender colour.


Shoulder Scraping Earrings

Spring 2012 saw the return of the earring. It’s taken a back seat to the ever popular statement necklace lately, but now it’s all about the shoulder scraping earring. Bold and colourful jewelled earrings and tassel and fringed styles are chic options.


Tribal Touches

‘Tribal’ is such a buzz word at the moment. It’s one of the hottest clothing trends at the moment, and it’s much the same when it comes to trends for accessories. The term tribal has been used quite loosely, and can cover anything from brightly beaded jeweller to woven clutches.


Metallic Touches

Futuristic touches were all over the spring 2012 catwalks and this would no doubt filter into many of the popular accessory trends as well. High shine, silver metallic accessories are a great way to work this trend. Metallic shoes are a chic choice, as are metallic clutches.


Graphic Scarves

Graphic scarves will make a great addition to your spring outfit. Graphic prints are big business this season, and a scarf is an easy way to work the look into your outfit. Wear one as a headscarf, on your bag, or even around your wrist to give your spring outfit a bit of a boost.


Neon Jewellery

Neon jewellery is one of the more statement making accessory trends for spring. A splash of neon colour looks ever so stylish against a fresh outfit of spring whites. Drop earrings with neon beading, or a collar necklace, are all ideal ways of working this trend into your outfit.


Bold and Bright Sunglasses

This spring is all about having fun with fashion. While past collections may have been more minimal and austere to reflect world events such as the recession, it’s time to shake all the doom and gloom off and view the world through rose-coloured glasses (or any other colour for that matter!) Choosing sunglasses with thick frames and interesting shapes is another hot accessory trend tip.

These are just a few popular accessory trends for spring. Spring fashion, to me, is all about incorporating colour into outfits and experiment with fun fashions. What’s your favourite accessory trend for spring?

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