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If you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year, you might think you know everything about Victoria’s Secret supermodels, but I’m here to tell you that you probably don’t. I recently had the privilege of hearing Kylie Bisutti, a previous Victoria’s Secret Supermodel who gave up the lifestyle for moral reasons, speak in public. She also wrote a book, “I’m No Angel,” about her story and why she left a multi-million dollar contract with Victoria’s Secret. What she described as the lifestyle Victoria’s Secret supermodels lead is not one most women would imagine. If you want an inside scoop about what really goes on, check out these facts below. I think you’ll see that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, even if that means being a supermodel in the meantime.

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Fake Hair

Fake Hair One of the main things you need to know about Victoria’s Secret supermodels is the hair that you think is so perfectly long and beautifully fixed, isn’t even their real hair at all. All models wear extensions, which Bisutti described as taking hours to put in. Their hair is almost always dyed to look more appealing as well.


Fake Skin

Fake Skin Almost all models are airbrushed before they go on stage, which takes away all appearances of cellulite, discolorations, and any flaws. They’re sprayed from head to toe with tanner, which can take hours to apply.


Fake Eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes Almost all Victoria’s Secret models also wear fake eyelashes. Bisutti says she even felt like she had to wear them all the time because if she didn’t, she looked nothing like the real her, without all the fake eyelashes, along with the extensions and airbrushed skin.


The use of false eyelashes is a testament to the intense beauty standards that these models are expected to uphold. Kylie Bisutti, a former Angel, shared how integral these lashes were to creating the illusion of perfection that the runway demanded. Even off-duty, models feel the pressure to maintain this flawlessly enhanced look as it becomes part of their brand image. They often resort to various lengths, volumes, and curls in fake lashes to achieve a look that's both seductive and eye-popping, whether they're working or enjoying a casual day out. The contrast between their natural and professionally made-up appearance can sometimes be striking, highlighting the transformative power of makeup in the fashion industry.


Brutal Workouts

Brutal Workouts During training for shoots and shows, models work out well over a couple hours a day, and working out is a large part of their job. They’re made to stay incredibly small and tone every inch of their body, which not only takes a toll on their body, but can also lead to body obsession.


Rigid Diet

Rigid Diet Sure, I eat healthy, really healthy, but I can’t imagine having someone else control my diet. Yet, that’s another part of the Victoria’s Secret lifestyle as well. They’re given trainers that tell them how much, when to eat, and how many calories they can have.


Alcohol before Shows

Alcohol before Shows Another thing you need to know about Victoria’s Secret supermodels is that they’re usually given alcoholic beverages before shows to loosen them up and make them act flirty on stage. I’ll be honest, I never ever thought this would be part of a model’s lifestyle, yet when I learned of this, I can see when watching them on stage just how true this is.


Fake Pictures

Fake Pictures Most all Victoria’s Secret models do not look like what we see in pictures. Their thighs are cut in half, their waistlines trimmed, and their busts are almost tripled or at least doubled in size.

I highly suggest picking up the book “I’m No Angel” by Kylie Bisutti if you haven’t heard of it, and want a great, short, inspirational read that’s also quite the page turner. I don’t know about you, but dreaming about being a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel isn’t something I’m interested in any longer. What about you?

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No surprise here. It's their job to look good therefore you have to make certain sacrifices to do so. Not just VS models but any individuals in the industry of beauty have to watch what they eat and how they look. Again, part of the job.

That just sounds painful and sad. A toady to being a real woman.

Everyone needs to read this article and the book because women, teenagers, little girls try to be "model perfect". And sometimes killing themselves to look like this. This just shows that everyone, even VS models, have flaws. Embrace your imperfections!

As someone who knows show business really well, none of this is shocking, and it really shouldn't be to anyone else. Do you really expect them to go down the runway completely natural, and not work out or eat healthily?

they're still 356898x more beautiful than me lol

This is nothing new!

Some facts I knew already but Victoria secret models look so perfect in the runway and little girls can picture them self doin the Victoria Secret Show something so amazing can be hard it's never easy

I kind of knew that I mean no one can look so perfect in photos

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