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59 Steampunk Fashion Ideas You Are Going to Love ...

By Eliza

Steampunk fashion is gaining in popularity, which means you can probably see people sporting it more often. Steampunk refers to the art of re-imagining modern technology against the backdrop of steam powered technology, like what you'd find in Victorian times or the old Wild West. Steampunk fashion includes these items, in addition to clothing and jewelry that highlights the trend. Check out these ideas and you'll have a better idea of what steampunk is.

1 Silver Wing Key

Silver Wing KeyVia Steampunk Key
This steampunk fashion makes a great pendant for a necklace or keychain.

2 Steampunk Camera

Steampunk CameraVia
It looks old timey, but works much like modern cameras do. What a great combination of the past and present, don't you think?

3 Beautiful Necklace

Beautiful NecklaceVia Busy
Clearly, this necklace isn't really from Victorian times, but it nicely epitomizes the steampunk trend and is reminiscent of the era.

4 Gothic Victorian Bustle Jacket

Gothic Victorian Bustle JacketVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This style of clothing is part of the steampunk trend and is a modern take on the old Victorian way of dressing.

5 Steampunk Feather Headpiece

Steampunk Feather HeadpieceVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I love how this headband is steampunk without going overboard.

6 Steampunk Nail Art

Steampunk Nail ArtVia Nails by Stoneageaccess on
Nail art is huge right now and is a fun way to try out the steampunk trend.

7 Belt

BeltVia Items similar to brown Steampunk ...
This steampunk belt comes equipped with all sorts of embellishments. I love how it looks with this skirt and shirt.

8 Victorian Cuff Bracelet

Victorian Cuff BraceletVia Beautiful Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet ...
This beautiful bracelet is perfect for outfitting yourself in all things steampunk.

9 Mechanical Clock

Mechanical ClockVia Mechanical Clock 6 — Steampunk ...
Inventions like this are what steampunk is all about.

10 Entire Outfit

Entire OutfitVia Wave Gothic Festival
This guy knows how to get decked out in the steampunk fashion trend!

11 Leather Holster

Leather HolsterVia swordsssssss
Add this to your steampunk closet and you'll definitely look the part.

12 IPhone Case

IPhone CaseVia 19 Crazy, Cute, and Creative ...
This smartphone case is the perfect example of modern technology combined with old timey technology.

13 Steampunk Hourglass

Steampunk HourglassVia Steampunk
This would look really cool on an office desk or on your mantle.

14 Steampunk Mask

Steampunk MaskVia Welcome to Twitter - Login ...
I would love this for a costume or Halloween party.

15 Dusky Dress

Dusky DressVia RESERVED LISTING.........Dusky dress
This beautiful Victorian era dress is a great addition to your steampunk wardrobe.

16 Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk FashionVia My Style
I love the one in the middle! Which one is your favorite?

17 Steampunk Bow Tie

Steampunk Bow TieVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
This fantastic little creation would be a great way to ease into the steampunk trend with your guy.

18 Leaf Boots

Leaf BootsVia Heavenly Heels - Consider the ...
These steampunk books are pretty awesome, but I'm not sure they'd be that easy to walk in.

19 Steampunk White Rabbit Mask

Steampunk White Rabbit MaskVia
How cool is this mask? It would be so much fun to wear, don't you think?

20 Tooled Leather Wrist Cuff

Tooled Leather Wrist CuffVia Flamingo Pink Steampunk Tooled Leather ...
The clasp on this cuff makes it the perfect steampunk example.

21 Comfy Outfit

Comfy OutfitVia Steam punk
There is a lot of steampunk going on in this outfit, but it still looks pretty comfortable.

22 Cover

CoverVia Altered Alchemy Gallery: Handmade Journals
A cover like this would be great for your iPad or e-reader.

23 Peasant Blouse

Peasant BlouseVia Plus Size. Blouse. Women. White. ...
This peasant blouse is adorable and it isn't too over the top either.

24 Wall Art

Wall ArtVia Eco-Friendly Steampunk Sculptures : steampunk ...
This piece of steampunk wall art would be super easy for an artistic person to create out of junk.

25 Steampunk Rose Pendant

Steampunk Rose PendantVia funky-fashion-5
I love the tiny gear on this necklace. It's subtle, but still epitomizes steampunk.

26 Steampunk Gun

Steampunk GunVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
For real? My kids would love these steampunk Nerf guns!

27 Steampunk Top Hat

Steampunk Top HatVia Diy Duct Tape Steampunk Top ...
In keeping with the Victorian aspect of the steampunk trend, you can don this beautiful top hat.

28 Genealogical Tree Necklace

Genealogical Tree NecklaceVia Genealogical Jewellery
I love the old time feel of this necklace, though I don't think it would be that easy to wear.

29 Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk GogglesVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I keep seeing these goggles all over the place these days.

30 Finger Cuff

Finger CuffVia triple armor ring nail ring ...
This steampunk inspired finger cuff is super unique and really beautiful.

31 Gothic Steampunk Pin Pendant

Gothic Steampunk Pin PendantVia Gothic Steampunk Pin Pendant Botanical ...
I can't imagine how cool this would look on a steampunk outfit.

32 Ear Cuff

Ear CuffVia Copper and brass wire wrapped ...
The gears and wires on this ear cuff are what steampunk is all about.

33 Another Top Hat

Another Top HatVia Mini Top Hat - Emerald ...
I can't even begin to describe how cool this blue top hat is. I don't think I could pull it off, but it is really fun to look at.

34 Basket Purse

Basket PurseVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
This fantastic steampunk purse is both functional and super cool looking.

35 Steampunk Boots

Steampunk BootsVia By J. Souza - Steampunk ...
I absolutely love these boots!

36 Bow and Arrow

Bow and ArrowVia Inspiring Ideas
This is a fantastic prop for your steampunk outfits, but it also makes a great piece of decor for your house.

37 Corset

CorsetVia steampunk corset
I don't know how Victorian women wore corsets day after day, but this one is very pretty.

38 Bird Sculpture

Bird SculptureVia Science Fiction + Steampunk..!! Yet ...
This cute steampunk bird is adorable and fun.

39 Leather Handbag

Leather HandbagVia - Sergueї kooc
This handcrafted leather handbag is a super awesome way to display your love of steampunk.

40 Great Dress

Great DressVia HALF PRICE-Rib Cage 29 to ...
I would love to be able to wear this and not look like I was heading to a Halloween party.

41 Male Fashion

Male FashionVia Delicious Boutique Steampunk Beyond
Getting your guy to do steampunk might be easier with this getup.

42 Abandoned Steampunk Industrial

Abandoned Steampunk IndustrialVia - Timeline Photos | ...
I'd love to go here and take some great photographs.

43 Wall Clock

Wall ClockVia ConTentimuS: Archive
This would be a great piece for your love of steampunk without having to fill your closet with clothes and accessories.

44 Brown Steam Bolero Jacket

Brown Steam Bolero JacketVia Brown Steam Bolero Jacket Steampunk ...
The details on this jacket are pretty spectacular.

45 Jacket

JacketVia Lace Jacket Victorian Steampunk Flare
I think this steampunk jacket would look great with a pair of dark jeans and tall black boots. What do you think?

46 Tiny Steampunk

Tiny SteampunkVia steampunk scene
This tiny example of steampunk is super cute and really fun.

47 Armored Cat and Mouse

Armored Cat and MouseVia
I'm not sure what I would do with this, but it is a pretty fantastic creation.

48 Addams Family

Addams FamilyVia
This is strange, but it definitely fits the steampunk trend.

49 Blue Red Riding Hood Raincoat

Blue Red Riding Hood RaincoatVia Ocean Blue corset laced hoodie ...
I love how this is a little bit steampunk and a little bit modern.

50 Booties

BootiesVia Bottines Steampunk cuir et Prince ...
You would definitely make an impression walking around town in these bad boys.

51 Leather Bracelet

Leather BraceletVia Steampunk The Alchemist Leather Bracer
I like the addition of the tiny little bottles. Really cute!

52 Music Note Ring

Music Note RingVia Music (RustART Series) - Wearable ...
This ring is too big for everyday wear, but would be fun for a steampunk costume.

53 Clock Necklace

Clock NecklaceVia accessorie's
This is another example of the gears and cogs that make up the steampunk trend.

54 Modern Victorian

Modern VictorianVia - Model : Fille de Porcelaine ...
It looks like a Victorian dress, but with a modern twist. I love it!

55 Little Animals

Little AnimalsVia
Steampunk artists make a lot of these really cute little sculptures.

56 Key Pendants

Key PendantsVia
The key trend in steampunk jewelry is pretty popular.

57 Tall Boots

Tall BootsVia Steampunk
I cannot get enough of how awesome these steampunk boots are.

58 SteamPunk Dragon

SteamPunk DragonVia Steampunk
This would be a fun gift for the steampunk lover in your life.

59 Steampunk Bolero

Steampunk BoleroVia Brown Long sleeves pirate steampunk ...
This is really cute with the white shirt.

Do you go for the steampunk trend? I love how cool it is, but I don't dress in the clothes. It's super fun to look at though. What's your take on steampunk?

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