9 Chic New Color Combinations to Try This Winter ...


9 Chic New Color Combinations to Try This Winter ...
9 Chic New Color Combinations to Try This Winter ...

You shouldn't wear the same exact outfits every week. It's easy to switch things up! According to Glamour, here are a few new color combinations to try this season:

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Navy + Green

Navy + Green How adorable does that look?


Red + Pink

Red + Pink You might as well wear different shades of red together.


Navy + Burgundy

Navy + Burgundy Keep things dark in the dreary winter months.


Purple + Grey

Purple + Grey This looks better than most color combos!


Navy + White

Navy + White Now that'll make you look chic!


Cobalt + Oxblood

Cobalt + Oxblood Don't be afraid to wear bright colors this season.


Yellow + Grey

Yellow + Grey Wear something vivid like yellow with something dull like grey.


Burgundy + Orange

Burgundy + Orange How adorable is this outfit?


Cobalt + Teal

Cobalt + Teal Here's one last idea you should think about testing out this season!

Which of these color combinations is your favorite?

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I loved red and pink, yellow and grey.

Cobalt and Oxford nice

I really the purple and gray! I've always liked navy and white together!

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