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Loungewear is great, especially in the winter. However, we all want to look cute in our loungewear, and it can be super hard to find loungewear that’s cute but doesn’t cost a small fortune. If you’re looking for pajamas and loungewear that you can wear all winter without spending all of your savings, this list has got you covered!

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Flannel PJ Set

Flannel PJ Set Buy at:

There’s something about flannel PJs that just make winter a little bit easier, and these cute clothes will definitely do the trick!


Polka Dot Cat PJ Set

Polka Dot Cat PJ Set Buy at:

Whether you’re lounging around the house on a snow day or just simply sleeping in these, these pajamas are perfect for the cat girls out there!


Snowflake Robe Set

Snowflake Robe Set Buy at:

If you love Frozen, this robe set is perfect for you. The light mint blue color screams Frozen, as do the snowflakes! Plus, this great robe comes with matching slippers. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!


Coffee Kicks in PJ Set

Coffee Kicks in PJ Set Buy at:

Does anyone else feel this on an extremely deep level? If you’re someone who needs to sleep in a tank top and shorts no matter the time of the year (or if you just really love coffee) these pajamas are perfect for you!


Drawstring Striped PJ Jumpsuit

Drawstring Striped PJ Jumpsuit Buy at:

I never thought just how comfortable a jumpsuit pajama set would be, but think about it! It’s like being in a cozy onesie without all of that excess heat! This is the perfect winter jumpsuit for the girl who sweats in her sleep!


Sleep All Day Nightdress

Sleep All Day Nightdress Buy at:

I just love this nightdress. The font makes it look just a little bit retro, and with a slouchy sweater, it can easily be worn when lounging around the house like it’s a real dress!


Hooded Snowflake Plush PJ Jumpsuit

Hooded Snowflake Plush PJ Jumpsuit Buy at:

If you have a slight love affair with onesies, this is the perfect pajama set for you this winter. The gray and snowflake combination scream winter, and the plush hood and pom-poms are great for keeping you warm and cozy in the cold!


Metallic Plaid Flannel Nightdress

Metallic Plaid Flannel Nightdress Buy at:

Flannel nightdresses are always adorable. That goes without saying. However, this plaid nightdress has a great extra touch with the metallic accents that add a great touch of style!


Raglan-Sleeved Nightdress

Raglan-Sleeved Nightdress Buy at:

I love raglan-sleeved baseball tees, so of course I love this nightdress. It looks so comfortable but also stylish, which is a hard feat when it comes to sleepwear or loungewear. If you’re looking for something to wear on your next snow day, this is a great look!


Hibernate Graphic Nightdress

Hibernate Graphic Nightdress Buy at:

Don’t we all just want to hibernate in the winter? If only we could! This cute nightdress will almost make up for the fact that we can’t!


Plush Pom Drawstring PJ Hoodie

Plush Pom Drawstring PJ Hoodie Buy at:

You’d never really think to wear a hoodie to sleep in, but when it’s this plush, soft, and comfortable-looking, how could you not want to wear it? I love that this isn’t typical loungewear or sleepwear, but it looks more comfortable than any other pajamas I’ve ever seen! It’s perfectly cozy for those cold winter mornings!

What’s your favorite pajama or loungewear set on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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I like 10

I like all of them but my favourite is the snowflake jumpsuit❄️

I would cook inside those onesies like number 7..... I wear cotton nightdresses in the winter, but I like the look of the white hoodie for Saturday mornings when I take my coffee back to bed and play with my iPad

I love all of these especially the jumpsuit and the flannel pjs

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