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20 Fun and Fabulous Outfits for the Quirky Aquarius Woman ...

By Sheila

The Aquarius woman is eccentric, open-minded, and doesn't like playing by the rules, both in life and when it comes to fashion. You don't follow make them! You love thrift shopping and exploring local boutiques to find unique pieces that fit your quirky style. Afterall, fashion is supposed to be fun and no one gets it like you!

1 Blue Feather Dress

Blue Feather Dress

2 Cutout Dress and Denim Jacket

Cutout Dress and Denim Jacket

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3 Neon Maxi Dress

Neon Maxi Dress

4 Cutout Top, Shorts, Cute Sunglasses

Cutout Top, Shorts, Cute Sunglasses

5 Even Basics Are Fun!

Even Basics Are Fun!

6 Turquoise and Tangerine

Turquoise and Tangerine

7 Red Animal Print Scarf

Red Animal Print Scarf

8 Tie-dye Maxi Skirt

Tie-dye Maxi Skirt

9 Pineapple Print Pants

Pineapple Print Pants

10 Tank Top and Shorts

Tank Top and Shorts

11 Print on Print

Print on Print

12 Fringe Top and Shorts

Fringe Top and Shorts

13 Boho


14 Floral Pants

Floral Pants

15 Purple Trouble

Purple Trouble

16 Bird Print

Bird Print

17 Maxi Blue

Maxi Blue

18 OTT Print on Print

OTT Print on Print

19 Blue Dress with Wedges

Blue Dress with Wedges

20 Wild Skirt

Wild Skirt

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