7 Strangely Beautiful Tips for Wearing Clashing Patterns ...

How To Wear Patterns is knowledge is bound to come in handy this season. Mixing and matching patterns is a trend that is really taking off. It’s a look that has dominated the runways and can also easily be achieved on a budget. It can be a difficult look to pull off so knowing how to wear patterns wisely is the key to success. Check out the following few tips for how to wear patterns.

1. Work in Monochrome

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An effective way of putting together an outfit of mixed patterns is to work in a monochrome colour palette. This will soften the impact of any major colour clashes. Geometric prints in a black and white colour palette are great for achieving a retro inspired look. Mixed patterns in a singular colour also look great as well.

2. Big/Little

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Another tip for how to wear patterns is to combine big and little patterns in the one outfit. Do this by balancing out bigger, bolder patterns with smaller more subtle ones. From far away you might not be able to notice the smaller pattern, but closer inspection will reveal otherwise. These sorts of details are great for creating outfit ‘surprises’.

3. Same Pattern, Two Ways

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An easy way to wear clashing patterns is to wear the same pattern but in different styles. For example team a horizontal striped top with a vertical striped skirt. Or a subtle spotted blouse with a full polka dot skirt. Teaming the same pattern in different colourways is also an inventive way to work this look.

4. Clashing Florals

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Floral on floral is a trend that is sure to be in full swing before next spring comes around. Get in early and try out this trend now. A floral blazer teamed with floral trousers can be broken up with a plain white t-shirt. Choose vibrant and more abstract patterns to prevent yourself from looking like a daggy 90s floral couch.

5. Complementary Colours

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While mixing patterns is about creating a ‘clashing’ effect, keep it easy on the eye by pairing together patterns in complementary colours. Your outfit will appear much more thought out this way. When thinking about how to wear patterns this way, look at the season’s best colour combinations and use them as a basis for your pattern clashing adventures.

6. In Pastels

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If you want to minimise the ‘clashed’ effect, try teaming together an array of pastel patterns. This is ideal for those who still want to dip their toes into the trend without it being to full on. For a feminine touch, team together floaty patterned fabrics.

7. Don’t Be Afraid

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While these previous tips on how to wear patterns will help you on your way to creating an artfully clashed outfit, don’t be afraid to look outside the square and experiment with crazy and kooky patterns. Who knows, you might just stumble upon a completely unique combination that looks amazing. To anchor an outfit of bold and bright patterns, team them with neutral or monochrome accessories.

Creating the ultimate pattern clashing outfit should be made a bit easier with these tips on how to wear patterns. It might take a bit of experimentation, but it’s a fun way to wear all your favourite patterned garments. What are your best tips on how to wear patterns?

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