8 Tips on How to Wear Leather Jacket ...


8 Tips on How to Wear Leather Jacket ...
8 Tips on How to Wear Leather Jacket ...

How To Wear Leather Jackets in different styles is something that can stump even the most fashion conscious individuals. In its lifetime, the leather jacket has enjoyed a range of style incarnations. These include tough biker styles through to more tailored designs. The leather jacket can easily become a high rotation piece in any wardrobe so picking up tips on how to wear leather jackets is great for keeping your look fresh. The following are a few tips on how to wear leather jackets.

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Biker Style

The leather biker jacket is a popular design. It usually features zipper detailing, metal hardware, and an asymmetric front. While most people take the approach of teaming biker style jackets with jeans and a t-shirt, try a different approach this season and team this type of jacket with a silky shift dress and flat ankle boots for a cool contemporary look.



Cropped jackets are great for showing off high-waisted silhouettes. Generally, the more fitted the jacket, the fuller your bottom have can be. A fitted cropped jacket easily balances out a full circle skirt, while baggier styles work better with slim fitting trousers.



Different coloured leathers are one thing to take note of when considering how to wear leather jackets. The black leather jacket is timeless, but there are a range of other colours available. Tan leathers jackets are great worn with neutral colours for a softer daytime look, while colourful leathers are a bit funkier.



To make the draped look work, jackets should be made from softer, thinner, and more pliable leather. Choose jackets with open fronts and longer draped lengths at the front. Draped jackets look great worn with bodycon dresses for a stylish nighttime look.



Take the leather jacket up a notch by choosing one in a tailored style. A single breasted blazer is a chic choice. This style of blazer is great for accentuating the figure and is also more suited to dressier events. Team a leather blazer with tux style pants and stilettos for a chic evening look.



When the temperature drops, wear your leather jacket over knits and cardigans, and top the look of with a cosy scarf. A popular look is to also layer your leather jacket over a hoodie. The look is casual and cool.


With Texture

Create an interesting outfit and team your leather jacket with contrasting textures. A stiff leather jacket might look great paired with flowing chiffon, while a worn in jacket might be more suited to chunky woollen knits. If you are unsure of how to wear leather jackets this way, try investing in one with shearling trims.


With Shorter Sleeves

Shorter sleeved leather jackets look great paired with feminine dresses. They are also well suited to the warmer months and for transitional dressing. When looking at how to wear leather jackets this way, the key is to look for elbow length sleeves.

There are a range of opinions on how to wear leather jackets. For the most part, it is about personal choice and style. These tips on how to wear leather jackets will hopefully help you out next time you are seeking some leather inspiration. What are your tipson how to wear leather jackets?

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I love leather jackets but I wear sleeveless jackets .

these styling tips are so helpful! i'll definitely be putting them in use :)

I've always wanted a leather jacket. But being in sunny Manila, this is sorta difficult to pull off. :D

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