7 Stunning Geometric Prints That Make an Awesome Fashion Statement ...


7 Stunning Geometric Prints That Make an Awesome Fashion Statement ...
7 Stunning Geometric Prints That Make an Awesome Fashion Statement ...

When it comes to stunning shapes and symmetrical silhouettes, these geometric prints will make for a winning equation in your wardrobe. Whether it’s bold hues or classic black and white, with these triangles, circles and squares, geometry has never looked so good. So take note, because these 7 stunning geometric prints get an A+ for style.

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Rock the Color Block Dress by ModCloth

Rock the Color Block Dress by ModCloth Right on trend with the geometric prints, this color block dress proves it’s not only hip to be a square, but it’s mod too! The creamy beige rectangles on this sleek black dress are classy but far from from boring. Pair this ModCloth piece with a bold solid colored cardigan and a pair of mary jane shoes for an effortlessly adorable look.


ROMWE Multicolored Triangle Print Leggings

ROMWE Multicolored Triangle Print Leggings Taking a cue from street fashion, these bright tights prove triangles can be tantalizing. Dress them down with a distressed vintage tee and a pair of Vans or go full on glam with a pair of booties, a crisp white blouse and a cropped black blazer. These and other colorful geometrical prints can be found on Romwe.com.


Echo Design Ombre Scarf

Echo Design Ombre Scarf This multi-tonal ombre scarf is a perfect fit for fall. From the trendy geometrical pattern to the fading hues of brown, red and salmon, this decorative scarf is both fun and functional. Feature it prominently over a simple solid colored cardigan, or just have it delicately peeking out from beneath the collar of your cropped moto jacket. You can find this Echo Design scarf and other designs at Zappos.com.


OASAP Geometrical Print Chiffon Pants

OASAP Geometrical Print Chiffon Pants The styling potential for these bold khaki colored geometrical print pants is limitless. Make it mod with a pair of platforms, or try a vintage Hollywood look with an oversized pair of shades, a hair scarf and a peasant blouse. And for those gals looking for a fashion statement with some serious volume, this print also comes in purple with hints of pink in the pattern. You can score yourself one, or both, from Oasap.com.


Foremost Finesse Dress by ModCloth

Foremost Finesse Dress by ModCloth This sassy and sweet dress is a geometric dream in deep orange and cream. With the concentric shapes at the bust, the billowy bow at the waist and the feminine A-line skirt, this Foremost Finesse dress by ModCloth is true to its name indeed. Slip a navy capelet over your shoulders, roll up a pair of textured tights and you’re ready for a crisp fall evening.


Clarks Ancient Eley Geometric Print Court Shoes

Clarks Ancient Eley Geometric Print Court Shoes In a rare partnership between Clarks and the British/Japanese printmaker duo behind Eley Kishimoto, what resulted was a whimsical geometric pattern on a shoe that transcends the seasons. Just imagine this pink and orange cubed Desert Boot over a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. It’s a delightful, if not slightly surprising choice. And you get can get them for a very limited time at clarks.co.uk.


Diamond Geometric Print Leggings

Diamond Geometric Print Leggings Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, with these bold black and white print leggings. This one-size-fits-most diamond print would really pop under a flowing tunic or bright oversized sweater. To get this precious gem print by designer Stella Elyse, check out UStrendy.com.

From concentric circles to color block squares, a geometrically-inspired fashion statement is all about attention. Whether you’re a mod chick of the '60s, if you idolize Old Hollywood or are looking for a homage to street style, find a shapely geometric print that best fits your personal style for a fashion statement all your own. What geometrically-inspired prints are you looking to add to your wardrobe?

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