7 Things Your Clothing Colours Say about You ...


7 Things Your Clothing Colours Say about You ...
7 Things Your Clothing Colours Say about You ...

My wardrobe is awash with various colours and patterns, but have you ever considered the things your clothing colours say about you? An abundance of research has been done on the psychology of colour and the things your clothing colours say about you and your home. Studies have also looked into the effects colour can have on your mood and energy and the impact it can have, not only on yourself but on the people around you. The colours you wear can help you build confidence too. Here are some interesting things your clothing colours may say about you and some tips to help add a variety of colour into your wardrobe.

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Black Most people love black clothing and I'm one of them, but it's worth noting what things your clothing colours say about you, particularly when wearing this dark and sometimes imposing colour. After all, who doesn't own the staple little black dress (or two)? You may have noticed that black is a popular colour with villains or the evil Gothic fairy-tale characters; the simple reason being it symbolises power and authority. It's a popular colour for interviews because it conveys seriousness and it's obviously associated with mourning. However, a wardrobe which consists of mainly black garments might scream lack of imagination so try and throw in some colour. Wearing back with another colour or a statement accessory will also add impact.



Brown Brown is a relaxing, earthy colour and there are many hues from which to choose. It is the colour of steadfast and durable items such as wood which is why it is often associated with trustworthiness. Avoid wearing it on its own though as it will look boring, but mixing it with other colours such as green can really bring it to life. Brown is certainly less threatening than black which can be a little on the morbid side.



White White is a great colour to wear and when I say white, it doesn't have to be in its starkest form. It denotes youth, vitality and purity and when worn head to toe, can add real impact. Ivory and cream also convey the same ideas of immaculacy. Its ability to reflect the light means it is a popular colour in warmer climes. Different textures like linen and silk will soften the appearance, but obviously care needs to be taken to keep the whites looking white instead of turning a dirty grey in the wash.



Blue Blue is the colour of stability and connotes trust. It is a great colour to wear for interviews because of its association with peace and tranquility and it's one of the least threatening colours to wear. The many different shades of blue mean there is almost certainly a hue of blue for you out there. For example, cornflower and sapphire blue will certainly brighten up your wardrobe and lighter shades such as powder blue, will add a touch of feminine charm to your look.



Purple Purple shows creativity and sensitivity in the wearer. It is associated with spiritualism and meditation, and there are many different shades to choose from such as lilacs, violets and lavender. It is also associated with royalty and wealth, and many people believe that wearing this colour can bring money into their lives. Another reason to populate your wardrobe with purple!



Red I love wearing red as it is such an energising colour. It has so many connotations, for example passion, love and romance. You always know Valentine's day is around the corner as card shops are awash with this gorgeous color in all its passionate tones. Of course, it also has connotations of danger. Those of you who have read Of Mice and Men won't have missed the subtext of Curley's wife's entrance with her red fingernails and rouged lips. If you want to feel confident and in control though, try wearing some red. However, due to its intensity, be careful when you wear it. It may not be the best idea to wear it if you want to calm a situation down or are trying to soothe a crying baby at bedtime!



Green Green is the colour of nature and gives off an air of peace and comfort. It also shows you're creative and have an active imagination. A dark green tone connotes a well-balanced and trustworthy nature whilst a bright green signifies a lively personality. The shade you wear will depend on your skin tone.

There are simple ways to gain colour confidence and find the right hue for you. Simply hold up a garment to your face and if it appears that your face is lit from underneath and the colour enhances your eye colour then bingo, grab the dress, pants and blouse in that same colour! If however, the colour stands out more than you do and your complexion looks uneven in tone, then put it right back where you found it and try a different one. What tips do you have about finding the perfect clothes to suit you and which colours do you love wearing?

sources: infoplease.com

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Your name of the article and matter of the article do not match

I'm a white and black girl :D Pink should be included too

The brighter the better!

Just finished reading Of Mice and Men! Glad I understand!

Why isnt pink of here!!!!!!!!

Earth tones and shades of blues :)

I'm black and Im dark skinned toned and most lighter color clothing look good on me but my love color is GREEN. It makes me feel calm and powerful at the same time. On a day i expect to be crazy at work, ill wear a green dress(lest not discuss how many i have ;-) anyway i usually feel like Bruce Lee, I can concur anything but smooth and calm as ever.

I don't think black is mournful, I think it is the best color. Black lets you shine, it doesn't take attention away from the wearer.

I luv black color....most of my tees are of black...I just love them

Red (anything, including nail polish) makes me nervous.

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