How to Dress πŸ‘— According to Your Body Type 🍐🍎 to Look πŸ‘€ Your Best πŸ‘ ...

Every girl knows that there are styles that do not suit your body type. In order to dress well, you must first familiarize yourself with your own body shape. Different body shapes have their own signature look that can be accentuated by a certain type of clothing.

According to Janie Bryant, an Emmy winning costume designer, there are 4 basic types of body shape, including the apple shape, pear shape, ruler shape and hourglass shape. There are certain types of clothing that fit well with each of these body shapes. The clothing will not only enhance your body parts but also make you more confident and make you feel pretty. However, there are certain styles that do not suit your body type that should be avoided to prevent imbalance to your overall look.

1. The Apple

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A woman with an apple shape stores most of her weight in her midsection and there are definitely styles that do not suit your body type. However, they mostly have really great legs. If they wear the wrong type of clothing, they make look shorter and wider. So, an apple should wear something that minimizes the midsection and draws all eyes to their legs. An apple should avoid any bold patterns, such as stripes on tops as this will only draw everyone's eyes on your midsection. As for the style, they should avoid short jackets and sweaters that only skim the waist. Shiny fabrics, like satin, should be avoided. Tapered pants will only make them look shorter and wider. Most importantly, they should avoid shoulder pads because this will exaggerate the disparity of proportions of their body shape.

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