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How to Look Expensive without Spending Loads of Money ...

By Natalya

Wondering how to look expensive? I understand that looking expensive is not the main thing in our lives. Things like health, happiness, and your family are the most important things. But we all want to look good, even if we have a small clothing budget. Here's how to look expensive even when you're broke.

1 Neutral Clothes

Colors like beige, light pink and white are great ideas for women wondering how to look expensive. This applies to sweaters, t-shirts, cardigans...anything.

2 The Right Shoes

Pointy shoes. Heels or flats. Classic and elegant. Whatever you choose, be sure you have a selection to round out your wardrobe.

3 Simple Jewelry

For example, MIRANDA FRYE JEWELRY – simple and chic. Simple jewelry pairs well with suits and casual outfits.

4 Entry Level Designer Pieces

For example, belts or a bandeau. You can wear a bandeau tied on a bag.

5 Invest in Bags and Shoes

Clothes can be Zara, H&M or Forever21. But shoes and bags should be quality, which means spending a bit more.

6 High-end Vintage Pieces

A few of these gives your wardrobe that expensive edge you're looking for.

7 Neutral Makeup

Neutral shades are important when it comes to your makeup. Bright green and blue should be worn sparingly.

8 Wear Red Lipstick

Many women say they cannot wear a red lipstick, but it looks very chic and stylish.

9 Invest in a Military or Leather Jacket

This piece looks good with jeans or a dress so it's never a bad investment.

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