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Prick up your ears, ladies. If you haven’t heard about this before, I’m so pleased to be letting you in on it. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to protect your skin from the damage the sun can cause and naturally your mind turns to sunscreen. But how about clothes that have sun protection built in? And the great thing is, there’s more of this safe-fun-in-the-sun fashion around than you might think.

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Cover Harper’s Bazaar Sleeveless Swimsuit

Cover Harper’s Bazaar Sleeveless Swimsuit Designed by a mother who was disappointed that there weren’t as many sun safe clothes for her as for her young daughter, the Sleeveless Swimsuit is in a great color and very stylish. It is made from a fabric designed by Lisa Moore and offers the equivalent of 50+ SPF (the brand calls it UPF).
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Price $170.00


ZnO Beach Sun Wrap

What you want in protective clothing is something light, something pretty, something easy to wear and something easy to care for. You get all that in this beach wrap. It’s made from breathable fabric to keep you cool and is super soft for comfort. It’s easily packed so it's great for travel and it’s machine washable. It offers SPF of 50+ and comes in two color options.
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Price $79.50


Next Good Karma Solid Malibu Zip S/S One Piece

Next Good Karma Solid Malibu Zip S/S One Piece You may have heard of Rash Guard. I love this stuff. There’s not much to dislike. Every piece – from whatever manufacturer/brand – combines a sporty athletic look with panache and style. And there’s such a massive range from full cover ups to cropped items. If you are sporty or just want to look sporty, you’ll look the bee’s knees in this coral pink one piece (which also comes in black, grey and blue if coral is a bit bright for your taste).
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Price $59.95


Hobie Be Scene S/S Rashguard

I had to include this one to show you an idea of the breadth of options in Rash Guard. So I talked about the previous one’s sporty style. Now let’s turn that around. What if you’re sporty but want to look feminine and stylish rather than athletic? This one fits the bill. The bright Hawaiian print just screams fun in the sun.
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Price Top $42.00, pants $34.00


Reversible Athletic Swimsuit

Reversible Athletic Swimsuit If function is more important to you than fashion, I think this offers a great deal. Cobalt blue on one side and black on the other, this swimsuit offers two for the price of one. Rinse it out, hang it on the balcony to dry overnight and no one will know you only packed one swimsuit! This scooped neck and back figure flattering suit gives UPF50+ protection.
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Cabana Life Black Cover-up

Cabana Life Black Cover-up I love the functionality of this. Is it a beach cover up? Is it a dress? Is it both? Yes to all three! And what I love is that it makes a perfect travel piece. Wear it as a cover up on the beach, pop it on for some sightseeing or shopping or dress it up with a bit of bling as you enjoy the nighttime delights of your resort. And remember, it gives you 50+ UV protection too.
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Price $51.60


Speedo Women's Endurance S/S plus Size Rashguard

Speedo Women's Endurance S/S plus Size Rashguard Larger ladies can feel somewhat restricted in the choice of swimwear. There are some very pretty and stylish swim dresses that offer in-built sun protection but somehow a swim dress seems to advertise that you’re not the most slender girl on the beach. That’s why I like this. It’s classically stylish and looks comfy . And it’s cut to flatter your curves, not pull them into places you know gravity doesn’t want to let them go!
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Price for top $41.95, various matching bottoms available

This was just a tiny selection of the fantastic range of sun-protective clothing out there. A simple search will elicit items to protect you from sun damage from top to toe. What would you wear or will you stick to your favorite regular swimwear and plenty of sunscreen?

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I always thought UPF clothing were really ugly and refuse to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants in the summer for obvious reasons (sweating and looking weird) but honestly I rather hide away inside until the UV Is at least a 1 or 2 (which is impossible sometimes since I'm a College student)

Hmmm I suppose if I want to be protected from the sun I would just stay away from it.

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