Summer Fashion: Clothes That Protect You from the Sun ...

Prick up your ears, ladies. If you haven’t heard about this before, I’m so pleased to be letting you in on it. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to protect your skin from the damage the sun can cause and naturally your mind turns to sunscreen. But how about clothes that have sun protection built in? And the great thing is, there’s more of this safe-fun-in-the-sun fashion around than you might think.

1. Cover Harper’s Bazaar Sleeveless Swimsuit

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Designed by a mother who was disappointed that there weren’t as many sun safe clothes for her as for her young daughter, the Sleeveless Swimsuit is in a great color and very stylish. It is made from a fabric designed by Lisa Moore and offers the equivalent of 50+ SPF (the brand calls it UPF).
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