Try These Jaw Dropping Style Tips for Layers in Warm Weather ...

By Lyndsie

Try These  Jaw Dropping  Style Tips  for Layers in Warm Weather  ...

So, you might be thinking that layering is only done in the fall and winter when the weather gets a little chillier and it pays to have layers and layers of clothes, right? Nuh uh. Nope. You can layer all year long, you just have to make yourself look stylish with seasonally appropriate clothing, that's all. When you layer in spring and summer, you can pick out pieces that are perfect for cool mornings and evenings without having to burn up in the heat of the day because you can just shed your warmer clothes! Here's some stunning inspo for all your spring and summer layering needs!

Table of contents:

  1. work a vest
  2. layer shorts under your vest
  3. pair a bralet with a lightweight shirt
  4. light denim
  5. layer a graphic tee with anything
  6. cute scarf
  7. light leather and ripped jeans
  8. hoodies and dresses
  9. sweet kimonos
  10. vintage
  11. layer with a ravishing romper
  12. boho chic layering
  13. fringe for days
  14. crop tops and cardigans
  15. lace crop
  16. cute, cute, cute!
  17. say yes to the dress

1 Work a Vest


Vests can absolutely be fashionable, you know, and they're excellent for warm weather layering. A pretty vest can really dress up a tank top and a pair of capris.

2 Layer Shorts under Your Vest


This serves so many practical purposes! For one thing, you definitely never have to worry about flashing anyone, so that's pretty cool.

3 Pair a Bralet with a Lightweight Shirt


This is such a cute idea for an outfit! I actually really love that bralet – gorgeous color!

4 Light Denim


You can never go wrong with denim – or denim on denim, for that matter. With an ensemble like this, it's the easiest thing in the world to simply slip out of your cool denim jacket when you get too warm.

5 Layer a Graphic Tee with Anything


Wear the hell out of your favorite graphic tee! You can layer a light jacket, a vest, or a button-up over top of it, or you can layer a tank top or cami beneath it.

6 Cute Scarf


Do you have a scarf that's voluminous enough to wear as a top, a shirt, a skirt, or a caftan? Layer it with damn near anything, to be honest. Remember, you can still rock a cute scarf when the weather's warm.

7 Light Leather and Ripped Jeans

This is the perfect look for those breezy spring and summer days – and if the leather gets too hot, you'll still look sizzling in your jeans and tee.

8 Hoodies and Dresses

Okay, I'm in love with this look. Something about the way that hoodie complements that floral print, I don't know … this outfit is just sort of fire.

9 Sweet Kimonos


A flowing, oversized kimono or kimono cardigan is a must-have piece for layering. Look at how effortlessly on-point it looks!

10 Vintage

This is just about everything. Especially those boots!

11 Layer with a Ravishing Romper


If you can pull off a romper, go for it! It layers easily with any number of pieces.

12 Boho Chic Layering


Crocheted vest? Check! Bad ass tee? Check! Ripped jeans? Check, check, check!

13 Fringe for Days


See? Told you kimonos were perfect for layering!

14 Crop Tops and Cardigans


Both crop tops and cardigans are ideal as layering pieces. You can put together an easy, breezy look in mere seconds.

15 Lace Crop


Told you!

16 Cute, Cute, Cute!


And this? This is just top to toe perfection, really.

17 Say Yes to the Dress


Yes, yes, yes!

How do you work layering into your look when the weather gets warm?

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