You'll Want to Wear These Cover-Ups on and off the Beach ...


I like cover-ups on the beach. I feel pretty in a floaty cover-up, plus I feel more confident when I walk down the beach and a good cover-up can serve as an outfit at a lot of beachside shacks. Cover-ups are stylish, after all, and they protect you from getting too much sun, which is always good. Basically, every sunbathing beauty and poolside cutie needs a cover-up. Besides, looking at these will keep you dreaming of summer. It's so close!

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This Floaty Tie-dyed One

It's elegant, yet bold. Love that color, too!


Boho Chic Always Works

Simple, chic, and lightweight – this one hits the trifecta of perfection!


Something with an Eye-catching Pattern

Something vivid and trendy like this is an ideal complement to a neutral, solid-colored swimsuit.


Get an off the Shoulder Cover-up

Off the shoulder styles are on trend right now, so there's no reason it shouldn't extend to your summer attire. A sweater like this is perfect for beaches on the east coast – they stay fairly chilly until one perfect day in the middle of July.


Go with a Kimono

Because they are gorgeous. That is a statement.


Or Slip on a Sarong

Simple, stunning, and sleek, it does double-duty as a lovely summer outfit.


A Little Fringe

Gorgeous colors and I adore that print!


All the Lace

Now that is a cover-up. That lace is beautiful.


Stick with Something Short

There's something a little '60s about this. Love it!


Boho Beautiful

I think this cover-up might actually make you look taller if you wear it. I'm all about that.


Style a Scarf

Scarves are versatile, after all.


Keep It Casual

This is casual like a tee shirt, but it's all about that open back.


Evoke the Tropics

Palm trees are always a popular look on the beach. This is a bit vintage, though, what with the color palette and the fringe. I kind of want it.


Turn Your Favorite Dress into a Cover-up

If it's light, flattering, comfortable, and easy to slip in and out of, why not?


Step out in Pom-poms

How cute is this cover-up? Those pom-poms!


All in White

White is a wonderful color to wear in the hot weather, which makes this cover-up work even though it's long sleeved and ankle length. The lace doesn't hurt, either – gorgeous!


Pretty in Blue

There's something a little vintage-inspired about this, as well, and that's such a pretty blue for the beach!

Do you wear a cover-up or do you prefer to let your swimwear shine?

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The "Kimono" one is NOT a kimono. It's a Yukata at most. Please get your facts right.

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