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21 Sun Hats That Will Make It Fashionable to Practice Sun Safety ...

By Eliza

I'm sure that by now you've heard how important it is to wear a hat when you go out into the sun. The right hat keeps the rays off your face, ears and neck, helping to reduce the signs of aging as well as the risk of skin cancer. If you're anything like me, you want to be sun smart without sacrificing your fashion sense. Here are the perfect sun hats to get the job done while still looking trendy and cute.

1 Red Straw Hat

Red Straw

2 Color Blocked in Blue and White

Color Blocked in Blue and

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3 Black and White Stripes

Black and White

4 Simple Straw


5 Raffia with a Bow

Raffia with a

6 How about Black?

How about Black?

7 Crocheted Design


8 Red, White and Blue

Red, White and

9 Ombre Colors


10 Bright Pink is Awesome

Bright Pink is

11 Something Totally Different

Something Totally

13 Adorable Bow


14 Fun in Yellow

Fun in

15 Bright Summer White

16 With a Colorful Tie

With a Colorful

17 Fun in Turquoise

Fun in

18 Blue Braid


19 Fun Pattern and Colors

20 Black Detailing

21 Whimsical Ladybugs

Which sun hat is your favorite? What will you wear it with this summer?

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