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High Waisted Shorts Youll Love This Summer ...

By Sheila

Isn't it fun how fashion trends keep repeating themselves every couple of decades? One of the hottest trends this summer is high waisted everything...pants, bikinis, and shorts! So, get ready to raid your mum's closet or just buy a couple of these adorable high waisted shorts!

Table of contents:

  1. Petite high-waisted embroided shorts
  2. Asos curve utility short with high waist
  3. Forever 21 high waisted knit shorts
  4. Blue high waist ripped denim shorts
  5. Ice cream social-ite light blue lace shorts
  6. Paul & joe sister women's tag shorts
  7. Heathered scuba knit shorts
  8. Asos tall denim ultra high waisted side split short in midwash blue
  9. Geometric print high waist shorts
  10. Austin pleated short
  11. Asos curve shorts in zig zag jacquard
  12. Levis vintage high waisted cut off jean shorts
  13. Maisy high waisted shorts by motel
  14. Rose print high-waisted shorts
  15. Ready or nautical shorts
  16. Faded high-waisted denim shorts
  17. Blue high waist vintage floral shorts
  18. Scallop crochet shorts
  19. Levis high-rise short - mariposa
  20. Textured rose pattern shorts


Price: $70.00
Buy at:

2 ASOS CURVE Utility Short with High Waist

Price: $29.00
Buy at:

3 Forever 21 High Waisted Knit Shorts

Price: $17.80
Buy at:

4 Blue High Waist Ripped Denim Shorts

Price: $14.33
Buy at:

5 Ice Cream Social-ite Light Blue Lace Shorts

Price: $34.00
Buy at:


Price: £55.00
Buy at:

7 Heathered Scuba Knit Shorts

Price: $16.11
Buy at:

8 ASOS TALL Denim Ultra High Waisted Side Split Short in Midwash Blue

Price: $50.74
Buy at:

9 Geometric Print High Waist Shorts

Price: $26.40
Buy at:

10 Austin Pleated Short

Price: $19.95
Buy at:

11 ASOS CURVE Shorts in Zig Zag Jacquard

Price: $32.62
Buy at:

12 Levis Vintage High Waisted Cut off Jean Shorts

Price: $29.99
Buy at:

13 Maisy High Waisted Shorts by Motel

Price: £35.00
Buy at:

14 Rose Print High-Waisted Shorts

Price: $10.90
Buy at:

15 Ready or Nautical Shorts

Price: $13.99
Buy at:

16 Faded High-Waisted Denim Shorts

Price: $19.90
Buy at:

17 Blue High Waist Vintage Floral Shorts

Price: $16.33
Buy at:

18 Scallop Crochet Shorts

Price: $48.00
Buy at:

19 Levis High-Rise Short - Mariposa

Price: $19.99
Buy at:

20 Textured Rose Pattern Shorts

Price: $17.91
Buy at:

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