7 Sunglasses Trends for 2012 ...


7 Sunglasses Trends for 2012 ...
7 Sunglasses Trends for 2012 ...

Sunglasses Trends for this spring/summer season are fun, glam, bold, somewhat unexpected – ideal for all of you creative individuals as well as you folks who like to play it safe while keeping it chic and well put together as always. So many interesting summer trends, so many fabulous sunglasses for 2012… so let’s get started and let’s see which shades, colors and shapes are promising to be super-hot this year:

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Cat Eye

Cat Eye Tory Burch, Anna Sui and Proenza Schouler all agree on at least one thing – your pair of chic sunglasses for 2012 must have that sexy, retro, cat-eye line! You can travel back in time with a pair of chic sunnies that look exactly like the ones your grandma used to love when she was your age or opt for a more modern, architectural style with just a hint of that retro charm.


Colored Lenses

Colored Lenses Ditch your brown, black or mirror lenses because sunglasses trends for 2012 imply that we’re going to be wearing a lot of bright colors soon! Yellow, purple, green, red or blue – the choice is yours to make and, if you really want to be a trendy diva, you should definitely consider gradients as well!


Medium to Small Lenses

Huge, lady-like shades are still smoking hot but I wouldn’t suggest re-stocking! Why? Well, simply because normal or even small frames seem to be one of the leading summer trends this year. And, if you happen to have a pair of whimsical, interestingly shaped sunglasses just lying around, now would be a perfect time to put them into a good use!


Plastic is Fantastic

Lightweight, water-resistant and so fun- plastic frames in any shape and color are one of the most dominant sunglasses trends this spring and summer. Pick a bold color and shape if you like to «shock and awe» or go for a chic, upscale tortoise shell plastic in order to both keep up with the summer trends and look like your fabulous, ultra-feminine self.


Total UV Protection

Total UV Protection Whether glam, classic or totally zany, your sunglasses for 2012 must, and I repeat, MUST be able to protects your pretty eyes from that bad, bad Miss Sunshine! In fact, I bet you won’t be able to find a pair of designer sunglasses without those precious UV filters and, quite honestly, I totally approve of that! Turns out that health is still more important than looks and I’m glad the fashion industry is finally beginning to accept it.


Sporty and Fabulous

Sporty and Fabulous Cynthia Rowley and Phillip Lim are just two of many well –known names who tried to experiment with sporty styles this season, creating a look that’s fancy yet looks «pro». Is it one of my favorite sunglasses trends? Probably not! But I guess many surfers, runners, cyclists and other athletic people will find it interesting.


Round Shape

Round Shape The last on my list of fabulous sunglasses trends are, of course, round shaped sunnies! A perfectly stylish accessory such as this one works great with every face shape and is an absolute must-have! Choose a bold, floral print or a crazy color in case you already have a good pair of classic shades or opt for a more glamorous tortoise shell, nude or black pair your can wear all day long.

Which sunglasses trends are you going to follow this year? I absolutely love all of these summer trends and I’m happy to notice that staying unique is going to be a piece of cake this year!

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