10 Lovely Lace Fashion DIY Projects ...


10 Lovely Lace Fashion DIY Projects ...
10 Lovely Lace Fashion DIY Projects ...

Lace Fashion DIY Projects are refashion ideas that range from fairly simple to somewhat complicated. Whatever your craft skill level is, I'm sure you will find something fun to do from this list of** lace fashion DIY projects**. Some of these will require sewing but there are also some that can be constructed using simpler steps. Let's check out these pretty lace fashion craft projects!

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Removable Lace Collar

Removable Lace Collar Using lace and ribbon, you can make this pretty lace fashion DIY project this weekend. The great thing about this necklace idea is that it can be made in many versions. You can use lace of other colors or designs. You can even sew this directly to a top to give it a girlier vibe.



Lace Zipper

Lace Zipper I love this! I have been known to use lace to give plain tops more personality but I've never considered using zipper, too. I will be doing this soon, that's for sure.



Lace Collar

Lace Collar How pretty! I love this for many reasons. One is I can never say no to a Peter Pan collar. Another is that this is very easy to do. And of course, I love this because it is a fun way to refashion an old top or cardigan.



Lace Shorts

Lace Shorts I'm sure you've seen lace shorts worn by stylish celebrities. I was THIS close to making my own but I found a pair at my favorite thrift store so this was a lace fashion DIY idea that I never got to do. If you have no way to buying a cheap pair of lace shorts, you can give this easy tutorial a go.



Easy Lace Skirt

Easy Lace Skirt This is a simple lace skirt that you can wear with tights. If you want to catch up with the sheer trend, this is the** lace fashion DIY project** for you. Don't worry if you can't sew; Maegan hand stitched hers.



Lace Pencil Skirt

Lace Pencil Skirt Gorgeous! This is a project for those who love to sew. This is going to my to-sew list, no doubt about it. Check out the link to see how Leanne made this beautiful lace pencil skirt.



Lace Earrings

Lace Earrings Cut pretty pattern from lace, harden it using clear nail polish, add beads and wires, and you're done! Simple but the earrings you end up making will be very lovely.



Lace Pocket Shorts

Lace Pocket Shorts If you think that a pair of shorts covered in lace is much too girly, perhaps you can refashion the pockets only? This is a fantastic** lace fashion DIY project** for those who are new at fashion-related craft projects.



Lace Choker

Lace Choker A little bit Goth, 100% lovely. From Cathy: It’s a great statement piece that works with either a T shirt and jeans or an evening look. Very true. This will look lovely even without the brooch.



Lace Crown

Lace Crown This idea is not a lace fashion DIY project for you but for your little girl. If she happens to be having a princess phase, you can make her happy by making this lovely lace crown.


Aren't these** lace fashion DIY tutorials** fun? If, like me, you have a jar or two of lace in your studio, these pretty** lace refashion ideas** are for you. Hope you have fun with them!

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