Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Women Who like Mixing Patterns ...

By Melissa

Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Women Who like Mixing Patterns ...

So you want to step up your fashion status and make a statement by mixing patterns. Girl, you are daring and I am so proud of your boldness. Follow these simple tips on how to mix patterns to look super cute without clashing. You are sure to make a statement and look fantastic.

1 Monochromatic

An easy way start mixing patterns is to replace your solid color with a monochromatic print. Try matching your favorite floral shirt that you normally wear with navy pants with a pair of navy polka dot pants or navy stripped pants. Think you can pull it off?

2 Leopard is a Neutral

What? I didn’t know this either until recently, but I am game. What does this mean? It means you are free to wear leopard with whatever you want! Try a leopard skirt with a striped shirt. You can also pair a leopard jacket with printed pants.

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3 Match Colors

Worry less about print and match the colors. Mix two prints with a common color. How about a pink polka dot shirt with a pink plaid pant? The options are endless! What color will you use?

4 Add a Third Pattern

Oh my goodness, can you believe it? What do you think about mixing in a third print? It’s really not that hard. Remember how we talked about leopard being a neutral print? Well, monochromatic prints are like neutrals too. You can add them to another pair of patterns without worry.

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5 Mix Print Sizes

Prints come in different sizes. It’s good to mix a large print with a smaller print. It looks good and your friends will be impressed with your fashion forward statement. What prints will you mix? How about a small checkered print with wide stripes?

6 Avoid Mixing Small Prints

Two small prints against each other can be hard on the eyes. Avoid putting two together. Instead try a small print with a large print. It’s much more flattering. Instead of a small floral with tiny polka dots, try larger dots.

7 Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to mix patterns. You can carry a printed bag with just about any outfit. Printed shoes are good too! Do you have any printed accessories? Do you mix them with patterned outfits?

Do you feel ready to mix patterns? I can’t wait to hear how these tips work for you. What items are you thinking of mixing together? I think tomorrow I will wear a cute stripped jacket with my favorite floral printed blouse.

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I love 1. Very cute. I can see myself in. :-)

The girl in number 3 has a cute outfit

They are so cute

Loving number 4

These are cute outfits!

I'm sorry but I'd never mix patterns ever,I'd choose one cute pattern and match it with some dark or bright solids

Good advice and less boring!

Mixing most prints are terrible able. What happen to class? Where do these designers come up with this mess. Very disappointed.

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