These Hilariously Fashionable Dads Are Taking the Fashion World by Storm


If you haven't been following @fashiondads_, what have you been doing with your life?! Inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers out there, this parody account is dedicated to "fashionable" dads everywhere. Both the pictures and the descriptions are HILARIOUS and of course, hashtags are EVERYTHING.

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St. Patrick's Day is a Real Inspiration

St. Patrick's Day is a Real Inspiration "Today I'm heading to a photo shoot on the hog and chose to wear my lime green tux jacket with the satin accents paired with a simple green #CalvinKlein panty and a military green sock. I wish my helmet was green but you can't always have everything you want in this industry! #OOTD #StayHumble #AllGreenErrythang #HolidayFashion"


I Love My Dog and My Dog Loves Me

I Love My Dog and My Dog Loves Me "Larry Jr. and I got these custom tees made and I just LOVE the #StyleStatement they make when we wear them together. I love to accessorize a #casual tee with a #vintage #Timex and sassy silver rings"


Red Hot

Red Hot "The #Oscars always inspire me to try new looks and this year is no different! Red is a hot hue this #AwardSeason so I'm test driving this #vintage #Adidas #tracksuit with a green blouse underneath and my 1997 #NewBalances because classics never go out of style."


Matching Plaid

Matching Plaid "With all this cold weather️️ it's important to stay warm and still stand out! When walking your #BFF you have to make sure both of you look AMAZING!!! No better way to do this than matching #EddieBauer plaid!"


Winter Layers?

Winter Layers? "Today's style theme is all about layers. When on the slopes you have to be cautious about temperature control. Obviously I got too HOT , so I had to shed all my upper layers except my #paisley blue bandana, which I matched with a basic red #OceanPacific swim trunk (great substitute for ski pants)"


Staying in

Staying in "Nothing quite like a lazy #FridayNight in after a busy week of #fashion #blogging. I don't care if the #Browns aren't in the #SuperBowl; I'll show my #Cleveland pride no matter what!

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Love them ! Looks like you could have a good laugh with these old boys . Not" at " them but really " with " them!

OK, I know I complained about the post of the models' selfies; here we are on the opposite side of the spectrum...and this is just...silly? I mean, why?

It's good to see people have fun and enjoy life! :)

Stop judging people, jennapher. Seriously... U have never worn an outfit that others have seen as silly? People are like Books, it's what's on the inside that counts

Awesome people lol!

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