6 Things πŸ’­ Men Notice πŸ‘€ about Your Underwear πŸ‘™ ...

Do you want to know what he is thinking when you are standing in front of him in your underwear? There are definitely some things men notice about your underwear.

Spoiler alert - it is not the two extra pounds you can’t shake and make you want to turn off all the lights. And surprisingly, how fast he can remove your underwear is not the only thing in his mind. He also notices some details. Here are the things men notice about your underwear.

1. Color

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He might not be able to distinguish cobalt blue from navy blue but he will notice the color of your underwear. Among male favorites are black since they think they make you look sexy and sophisticated, red, which they also believe is sexy and white that makes you look more innocent, and they like that. Color is one of the top things men notice about your underwear.

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