6 Types of Bras Every Woman Needs to Own ...


6 Types of Bras Every Woman Needs to Own ...
6 Types of Bras Every Woman Needs to Own ...

There are some types of bra every woman should own. Underwear is a “basic human right” according to Isla Fisher on the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie and if we could, we would own hundreds of matching sets. But there are some types of bra every woman should own and they should live in your closet for sure.

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Simple with Detachable Straps

Those are essentials. Two simple bras in black and white are perfect for everyday and the easiest choice. Make sure they are completely simple, no lace, bows or anything else so you can wear them with every shirt you like and they will not be showing. These are the most important types of bra every woman should own.



It is comfortable when you want to wear a strapless top but make sure not to use it too often. Your breasts will get tired and the muscles around them might get weaker if you are using one every day. Still, you should have at least one of these in your closet.


Push up

Made to add volume and confidence. Matched with the right top will make you feel like you are a Victoria Secret angel walking down the runway. It is a type of bra most suitable for a hot date. They usually come with a little padding and boost your confidence. Don’t overdo it with the padding though.



Gravity is a problem when it comes to your breasts. And an active workout won’t do you any favors if you are not wearing the right bra. Make sure to own an athletic bra for the gym, according to your size and also make sure to replace it often. You don’t want this specific bra to be loose.



This is a must. When you wear shirts that are made of really thin material you don’t want your bra to be visible, especially if you are planning to go to a job interview or somewhere important. Buy one in white and black.



Just as you need simple black and white bras, you also need to buy one in your skin tone. So even if you are wearing a top that is a little low, it will be invisible. Careful though. If you like to sunbathe you will need different shades for the summer and the winter.

Even if you don’t have a lot of bras, these simple styles should be in your closet. These styles will ensure you will be stylish every day and you won’t need to spend a lot of time in the morning trying to find the appropriate bra to wear.

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