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7 Things to Wear for a Bat Mitzvah ...

By Heather

When you're trying to find out exactly what to wear to a bat mitzvah, the choices can be super confusing! My landlords are actually Jewish and they recently had their youngest daughter's bat mitzvah. I was super confused about what to wear to a bat mitzvah so I asked them for advice! What better why to find out, huh? Below, I'm going to detail out exactly how to dress for a bat mitzvah so that you'll be able to look stylish and chic – but not too over-dressed!

1 No Mini Skirts

First and foremost, girls, you want to make sure that you aren't putting on any mini skirts. Mini skirts and bat mitzvahs are not things that go together at all. You might want to opt for something that is longer and a little more conservative. You want to be dressy, fashionable, and chic but also be sensible and dressed for the occasion!

2 Nothing Casual

When you are heading to a bat mitzvah, you want to make sure that you steer clear of casual clothing. You want to be stylish and dressy, and you want to make sure that you are definitely not wearing something that would make you feel under-dressed. What to wear to a bat mitzvah can be answered right here: nothing casual!

3 Dress for Your Age

When you are heading to a bat mitzvah, it is important to keep your outfit age appropriate. You don't want something that is going to be too old or too young for your age group. You want to dress just right for your age and dress just right for your body type. Keep this in mind when you're choosing what to wear to a bat mitzvah.

4 Dresses

At a bat mitzvah, dresses are definitely the best style to go with. You want a dress that is not too low-cut, a dress that is modest, a dress that is beautiful, and a dress that makes you feel confident. I always choose a fabric that moves, too, because you'll want to dance and really have a good time!

5 Skirts

If you aren't able to find a dress that works for you but you are still trying to find a suitable outfit, skirts are great alternatives! Pair a skirt with a cute blouse and layer up! This combination can look super cute and is great for any season. For summer, if you layer and get hot, just lose one layer – easy!

6 Shrugs

Shrugs are all the rage right now and they are absolutely one of the 'what to wear to a bat mitzvah' problem solvers. If you want to wear a sweater or something over your dress or blouse, but don't want something too heavy, go with a shrug instead! It's lightweight, super cute and you'll be ever-so-fashionable!

7 Shawls

Finally girls, the last 'how to dress for a bat mitzvah' problem solver that we're going to explore is shawls! I love shawls in any form. I think that they are warm for the fall, cool in the summer, and look oh-so-chic and stylish when paired with the right outfit!

So readers, you asked for a 'what to wear to a bat mitzvah' guide and here it is! What other items are out there that you can wear? Any other tips about how to dress for a bat mitzvah? Share!

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