10 Timeless ⏳ Pieces for Your Fall πŸ‚ Wardrobe πŸ‘—πŸ‘’ ...

The summer is over, and although we are giving up the glory of the sun, the one thing that is worth celebrating about the turning of the seasons is the fact that you are now able to get into your favorite fall fashions! There is something magical about fall fashion that makes it my very favorite of all the seasons. It’s not so cold that you need to fight the frost with thick and multiple layers, and it’s also not so hot that you can’t indulge in a few beautiful long sleeves. Here are ten timeless pieces for your fall wardrobe.

1. Anorak

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An anorak is the perfect over garment for the fall because they aren’t too bulky but are more than warm enough to ward off that autumn chill in the air. Lightweight parkas, in particular, are always on trend, and the fur style collars can add an extra dimension to any outfit.

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