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7 Tips for Wearing Different Styles of Wide Brim Hats ...

By Sophia

Add some extra intrigue to your outfit by donning a variety of wide brim hats. A must have this season, wide brim hats can add an effortlessly cool touch to any outfit. If the designer collections are anything to go by, right now it seems that the wider the brim the better, which is great for those who like to stay stylish and sun smart. Whether you opt for a floppy felt hat or more structured styles, these are a few tips for making wide brim hats work for you.

1 Flatter Your Face

Flatter Your FaceWide brim hats generally suit most face shapes. This is great news for those who are just starting to dip their toes into the hat game. While wide brims can be flattering to most facial types, those on the petite side should avoid too wide a brim as they can overpower your entire look.

2 Make It Match

Make It MatchIt’s important that the style of hat matches the rest of your outfit. The hat should pull your entire outfit together. For example, a cartwheel hat would look a bit out of place paired with a floaty bohemian dress. Floppy wide brim hats are great for teaming with casual outfits while structured fedoras are great if you’re after a more polished vibe. It’s about finding the right balance so you might have to try on a few hats before you find the right one for your outfit.

3 Put It in Place

Put It in PlaceWide brim hats can be quite commanding, and just where you wear them can make all the difference. Generally, wear your wide brim hats so that they sit across your forehead, not pushed to the back of your head. If you push them too far back they a) will fall off your head; and b) potentially end up looking like a bonnet or some kind of halo.

4 Wear Your Hair out

Wear Your Hair outHair, especially that on the shorter side, can get lost under a wide brim. Balance out the shape of a wide brim hat by wearing your hair out. Long, loose hair complements a range of hat styles from fedoras to floppy bohemian hats. If you’re going to tie your hair, try low braids and messy buns as anything too slicked back can look severe.

5 Re-think the Sunglasses

Re-think the SunglassesThink twice about popping on a pair of sunglasses with your wide brim hats. Sometimes sunglasses and a hat can look like there’s just too much going on. Avoid wearing sunglasses with really wide brimmed hats. A regular fedora should be fine, but too wide a brim and you’ll end up looking like a celebrity trying to hide from the paparazzi.

6 Play with Colour

Play with ColourHave a little bit of fun with your look and try on hats in interesting and unique colours. Basic black and tan hats are timeless, but jewel tone colours and pastels are also on-trend.

7 Stick to Simple Styles

Stick to Simple StylesWhen incorporating hats into your everyday outfits, the simpler the hat, the better. Avoid anything too fussy, like feathers and embellishments. You don’t want it to be a spectacle, unless you’re doing your best Lady Gaga impersonation, of course. Otherwise, save the look-at-me hats for the races.

Wide brim hats can be a flattering addition to an outfit. These are just a few tips for pulling off this season’s must-have wide brim hat. What are your best tips for styling hats?

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