7 Ways to Wear Neon if You're a Newbie ...

Looking for ways to wear neon? The electrifying trend of the 80's can be loud and fun to wear, though it can be a little daunting as well, especially when neutral hues are your go-to colours. But every closet needs a splash of colour and you might want to consider hopping on the neon bandwagon to get you started for spring. Don’t you worry about how to incorporate it into your style, I got you covered! Check out these ways to wear neon and make eyes pop when you are out and about!

1. Neon Nails

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You might be new to this and maybe not quite daring yet to be sporting a hot pink dress with a yellow clutch. Luckily you don’t have to limit your ways to wear neon to just fluorescent-coloured clothes. Why not illuminate your nails with several shades of neon instead? There are so many colours to play around with and the countless of YouTube tutorials available offer you several funky designs to choose from. The neon rainbow ombre nail art is pretty easy to master. Give it a try!

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