10 Tips on How to Look Sexier ...


10 Tips on How to Look Sexier ...
10 Tips on How to Look Sexier ...

How to look sexier is a question we may ask if we’re feeling a bit dowdy about our current state of dress. Dressing sexier isn’t necessarily about dressing more provocatively; it also comes down to attitude and outlook. Tips to look sexier can only take you so far; sexiness is all not only about looking and feeling your best, but having confidence in yourself. Take a look at the following tips on how to look and feel sexier.

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Wear Well Fitting Clothes

When it comes to how to look sexier, clothes play a big part. But I’m not talking about how revealing clothes are, but rather how they fit. Nothing says unsexy more than ill-fitting clothes. While squeezing into that smaller size may seem like a triumph, if it doesn’t look good it’s only going to play on your self confidence in the long run.


What’s underneath Counts

Wearing ill fitting bras and underwear can end up causing unsightly lumps and bumps. Overcome this by wearing well-fitted and seamless undergarments where possible. Shape enhancing undergarments are also great for creating a streamlined silhouette.


Be Bold with Makeup

Nothing says bombshell more than a red lip. When it comes to how to look sexier, a tube of red lipstick is an age old favourite. If red lipstick isn’t your thing, try a sexy winged eyeliner instead.


Get Exercising

Exercising will not only help you tone up, but boost your endorphin levels as well. It’s that whole idea of if you feel better, you’ll look better too.


Straighten up

Good posture can do wonders for your appearance. Walk tall and keep your shoulders back and your head held high. A good posture and knowing how to hold yourself are more ways of exuding confidence.


Wear Shades

Add some glamour and mystique to your everyday look by donning a pair of dark, oversized sunglasses. When it comes to how to look sexier, this is a tip that’s both practical and fashionable!


Good Grooming

Good grooming is a big part of looking and feeling sexier. Things like well-kept fingernails, shaped eyebrows, and styled hair can make all the difference!


Wear Soft Fabrics

This is one of those tips to look sexier that might not be obvious at first. While we may associate sexiness with leathers and metallics, slinky soft fabrics such as satins and suedes work much better. They not only invite touch, but feel great against the skin as well.


Leave Something to the Imagination

Like I mentioned in the introduction, sexiness isn’t about showing as much skin as possible. When baring skin, I like to use the rule of balance. A demure dress can be made all the more daring with an open back. If you’re showing skin up top, then cover up the bottom half and vice versa.


Confidence is Key

These tips to look sexier, will only take you so far. True sexiness comes down to how you hold yourself. If you feel sexy, this will more than likely shine through. Be yourself. Smile. And don’t let anything get you down.

If you want to know how to look and feel sexier, start with these simple tips. From healthy habits to everyday accessories, looking sexier is as much about self condfidence as it is about appearance. What are your best tips for how to look sexier?

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